Things to do, Places to visit in Davao City

Davao City is the largest City and the third most populous metropolitan area in the Philippines with more than 2.5 million people. Davao City is administered by 11 districts; serve as the main hub of Mindanao. The name "Davao" is derived from the indigenous word Dawaw (Clatta tribe), Davah (Obos tribe), Dabo (Tagabwas tribe). Wandering inside Davao City is total "life is here" plus the honest public utility drivers and the multicultural experiences, well, just forget the downtown traffic. Here are some things to do, places should not be missed when you visit Davao City  

The Giant Clam Sanctuary, Camiguin

The Giant Clam Sanctuary is located in the southern tip of Camiguin Island, in the small town of Guinsilaban. It is managed by a non-government organization, the Kabila Giant Clam Conservation and Ocean Nursery, which all the service rendered are utilized for the maintenance of the beach operation, clams conservations, and improvement of the marine sanctuary. For those who want to witness the glooming clams, just get your map and pin your journey to the Kabila Beach situated in Cantaan Bay. 

The mystic beauty of Katibawasan Falls, Camiguin

To complete the day in Camiguin, we headed back to the center of Mambajao and take an opportunity to visit the Katibawasan Falls. Then, take another five-kilometer route with slight elevation going through the Mt. Timpoong. This trip part of my bucket list in completion of the three waterfalls exploration in the Island of Camiguin and I was very fortunate to be here. My curiosity got activated due some numerous locals told me that this waterfall has the most scenic vicinity, feels like in fantasy series but thinking to have little exaggeration. 

The Tuasan Falls of Camiguin

There is a never-ending exploration in Camiguin Island's alluring destinations, from dipping into the inland waters, exploring the Islands beaches up to the historical places. But then, it will not be completed if you dropped an opportunity to scout the majestic waterfalls in the Island. On the second day of the visit, got lucky with perfect weather, the group headed to barangay Mainit in the town of Catarman to experience the nature's impact of the Tuasan Falls. It is about 27 kilometers away from the place we stay in Mambajao. Going there is like, easy as pie; passing a very accessible and concrete road with little bit zigzag towards the location. If you're passing the same way, don’t miss to visit the Sunken Cemetery just along the road in Barangay Bonbon.  

CAMIGUIN | The most picturesque place of the dead, the Sunken Cemetery

After the unforgettable visit at the White Island, we headed to the most picturesque site of the dead, the Sunken Cemetery in barangay bonbon, the town of Catarman;  just a less than 30 minutes ride from the small town of Mambajao. 

Camiguin | Quick visit in Mantigue Island

In the northern part of Mindanao, an Island province near the Cagayan De Oro City named Camiguin. It is a volcanic Island with the active presence of volcano, Mt. Hibok Hibok and the seven stratovolcanoes next to it. Several spots sprouted with a connection to a volcanic eruption. The town is in almost existence when the lava flows down to the ocean including the church and cemetery which known "the Sunken Cemetery". Today, it became the roundish marks in several movie series and a flagship in boosting tourism in the province.

Things to DO in the volcanic Island of Camiguin

Camiguin is an Island province in the Northern part of Mindanao, Philippines; it is a volcanic Island and the second smallest province in the country. Camiguin is derived from the word "Kamagong", pertaining to the species of the tree that flourish near Lake Mainit, closely known to the local people, the Manobo as Kamigin. Blessed with natural and historical places, Camiguin is one of the best provinces that worthwhile to visit during long holidays. Here is why this province is one of the most visited places in the country.

Philippine Festivals for the month of March

Festivals or simply known as fiesta is widely celebrated anywhere in the Philippines. Here are the list of Philippines festival celebration in Luzon, Visayas, and; Mindanao for the month of March.  

Strawberry Festival in Benguet, Philippines

La Trinidad is a first class municipality and Benguet’s Capital with the population of more than 129,000.  The municipality is very famous in terms of vegetables, flowers  and strawberry plantations, no wonder, this place earning its namesake “ the Strawberry capital in the Philippines” and the home of the Strawberry Festival held annually.  Located in the central portion of Benguet, Tublay (northeast), Sablan (West), Itogon (southeast), Tuba (southwest) and Baguio City in the south.  

Binalbal Festival of Tudela, Misamis Occidental

The Binalbal Festival is celebrated every first of January in Tudela, Misamis Occidental in the Philippines. Binalbal means “Balbal” in Cebuano, symbolize a unique traditions and belief of the town about supernaturals, the witches, ogres and the like elements which can be compared to Halloween feast. The beginning of the celebration called the “ Masquerade Ball" which begins every 31st of December, together with the  new years welcome until noon time of the January first with the grand parade of the Festival.    

82nd Araw ng Davao schedule of Events and Activities

Davao City marked an another year of Araw ng Davao celebration this coming March 16, 2019. The City government is very optimistic that this yearly celebration attracts thousands of locals and foreign tourists visiting the City. Several events are being scheduled before the date of the celebration, including the most awaited event, the Mutya ng Davao on the 15th of March at the Davao City Recreational Center. On the 16th of March, the Civic Military Parade will be showcased in the morning. This year, Araw ng Davao marked its 82nd year of celebration.

Digos City | The virgin falls of Davao Del Sur

The Virgin falls is located in the small village of Balatikan in the highland of Kapatagan, Digos City.  It is thread oftentimes by several mountaineers passing through out the Kapatagan trail since it became one of the jump off point of the tallest mountain in the Philippines, the Mount APO. In fact, a portion of Kapatagan is still covered by the protected areas of the Mount APO Natural Park. 

Digos City | Dhen Yho's Place, the perfect summer getaway in DavSur

This year, the country is expected to experience the warmest climate condition this summer and maybe the beaches is the least option to go.   If you want to experience a cool weather this summer, get packed and head on to the summer capital of Davao del Sur. in the small community of Kapatagan in Digos City, lies with several spring resorts that is perfect for summer vacation and scaping a bumpy city life. Kapatagan is also known as the fruit basket capital of the Region and a home of several mountain resorts and the Peak.  This is also an entry point for those tourist flocking at Mt. APO, the highest Peak in the country, through  the Kapatagan Trail.

Malamawi Island | The happy side of Basilan

Basilan - a home of almost 113, 000 populations located across the north side of Zamboanga City and the Malamawi Island offshore. It is a promising Island Province with two booming cities, Lamitan and Isabela City. It is also a diverse community where sizable presence of Chavacanos, Tausug and Yakans. The Sama tribe, Maranaos, Ilocanos, Cebuanos and Chinese are the minorities. Numerous dialects also spoken, but primarily used by most inhabitants is Chavacano, Tausug, Cebuano and Yakan.  English are also mostly used by locals. 

SAN JOSE | The splendid beauty of Inasakan Beach

Inasakan Beach is formerly known as "Mina De Oro Beach" characterizing as a white powdery sand with a crystal clear dense of water and less crowded that makes the best place gets your time off to relax. Located in Ilin Island, the largest amongst the island covered by San Jose in Occidental Mindoro with ten small communities. This island is also a home endangered species called the cloud rat or famously known as a Cloud Runner "Crateromys Paulus', found through a dead specimen in 1981.