BISLIG | Tinuy-an Falls - Philippines Little Niaga

Tinuy-an Falls is located at Barangay Barboaanan, Bislig City of Surigao del Sur, Southern part of Mindanao believe to be the most popular tourist attractions and most visited tourist destination in the province. Going the falls is not easy due to its demographic distance from the City plus the road is serious rough especially during the rainy season but good to see that road construction underway.

Tinuy-an falls is a white water curtain that flows on various levels and the widest waterfalls I've ever seen. This waterfall has 99 meters wide and 150 feet high that could be claimed as the "Little Niagara falls" of the Philippines.   

Hire a Bamboo raft or so-called "Balsa" to get near at the mouth of the waterfall and feel the scorching water from the top of the falls. Diving and swimming with family close to the mouth of the waterfall is really an exciting and amazing experience that will never forget.    

If you want more extreme experienced, go to the top of the waterfalls using trail trekked. Be amazed on the overlooking view and beauty of overflowing water down to the main. Dare to swim on cool and refreshing water on the upper part of the falls.

Drop by at the Bay walk and take a shot to this famous view at the Bay. you can also eat traditional food and street food in the afternoon until midnight.


From Butuan:
Airline flights available from Manila, Cebu and other Island daily to Butuan. 
 *If you are in a group, I will suggest you hire a Van going to Bislig City to Tinuy-an Falls. It takes one (1)- two (2) hours travel to reach your destination

For BackPackers and want to send lesser in transportation:
* From Airport, Ride a Cab or Motorcycle going to Butuan Bus Terminal, 
* Find a route going to Bislig City or Mangagoy (Bachelor Express)
* Stop at Poblacion, Bislig City then ride a Single Motor or Habal Habal going to Tinuy-An Falls

From Davao City:
Airline flights available from Manila, Cebu and other Island daily to Davao City
* Bus Stop at the front of the Airport (Jose Maria College)
* Catch a Bus Route to Bislig City or Mangagoy (Bachelor Express) it takes 4-5 hours to travel to reach      Bislig/Mangagoy.
* Bus will Stop at Bislig City (Mangagoy) Bus terminal & sometimes in Poblacion, Bislig City
* Ride Mini Jeep or Single or Habal Habal to Tinuy-An Falls

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