California | Get Lost to Danish City of America - Solvang

Not visited California yet? Start planning and get lost to the most populous states and most extensive area in United States. 

My first Destination! A California's Danish City of Solvang. I recommend to you put this on on lists once you plan to travel inside California.  Solvang is 45 minutes drive from Santa Barbara taking State Highway 154 reaching the very charming village which always feels me like a seasons of christmas. Weather in Solvang is definitely cold and warmly time generally experienced from August to September.

One of my favorite spot was the century built clock in downtown area. The building has unique architectural design with antique windows and bells hanging outside ready to bump anytime

One of my favorite place also was the Solvang Festival Theater which primarily operates only from June until October during festival. The Theater though build in generations but the beauty of it still maintained and always available for special and private functions.

After a long walk, i saw this beautiful places called Solvang Brewing Company. Building design literally incredible with windmill back on the side. This place will brings you a perfect hang out either with your friend & love ones. Just passed though heart of Solvang, where craft beer and delicious foods can offer that bring you to a Danish tradition experience.

Solvang will brings you to another world of cuisines and design. Most of the restaurants offers fine dining experiences at reasonable price but the most famous in here are the bakeshoppes. Must try tasty homemade cookies, sweet breads and homemade chocolates.

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