Arizona | Meteor Crater: Experience the Impact

Welcome to the world’s best preserved Meteor Impact site on the planet! Meteor Crater was a spectacular result of asteroid collision traveling around the planet a thousand years ago.  Located in approximately 18 miles west of Winslow, Northern part of Arizona you can reach it through old route 66. 

Welcome to Meteor Crater: Experience the impact
 You should check out this 45-meter Meteor fragment displayed in the site that produced rounded excavated shape caused by its impact.

the finest meteor fragment
This nickel-iron meteorite object excavated around 50 meters while it rims crest eroded naturally but still preserve its rounded shape.

The Meteor Crater
You can also visit the Apollo test capsule and take the photo at American Astronaut Wall of Fame. 
They also offer crater tours to those who like trails and meteor animated 3D movie awaits you.

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