Davao Oriental | Best Attractions and Historical places

Davao Region is very famous to many spots that can offer to every tourist plus peoples hospitality and generosity. You could enjoy and bump many resorts, finest restaurants and nightlife. Aside from that, Davao has a lot of places you could take your memorable vacation experience specially if you travel outside the Central City. If you looking for many attractions, historical places and beaches you should explore the Province of Davao Oriental definitely worth for your budget this summer

1. BONHOMIE Leisure and resorts
 Is one of the finest resorts attraction in Banaybanay, Davao Oriental. You can get fast in here using very accessible route for commuters. This resort offers rooms and accommodation, cottages, white sand beach and night gigs specially during week end in reasonable prices.

How to get there?
Major Airlines flights daily bound for Davao (Bangoy) International Airport. Walk or ride a taxi to Jose Maria College Bus stop (beside Airport). Catch up a Bus (Batchelor's Express) bound for Mati City. Stop at Bonhomie Gate entrance and you will reach your destination

This is what the town of San Isidro, Davao Oriental to you. Mount Haguimitan a home of unique pygmy forest of century old trees in ultramafic soil and of most diverse wildlife population in the country. You can also observe a different kind unique plants around the forest. In 2014, the park with an area of 6,834 hectares (68.34 km2)  been declared as National Park and a wildlife sanctuary inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is the first in Mindanao.

How to get there:
Catch up a Bus or Van bound for Governor Generoso/ Pundaguitan town. Get Off to San Isidro-Haguimitan road. Ride a motorcycle going to Mt. Haguimitan

3. ZIGZAG Road 
It is always part of tourist story that you'll never forget when you travel throughout Davao Oriental. But nothing to be worry, you will see the beautiful scenery when you passes through this especially when the mountain grass turn into brownish color and you can observe a great sundown when you passed before night.     
Mati, Badas - Zigzag road during summer
Zigzag Road at Sun down
a very famous stop over of visitors and local tourist bound for Mati City. you take a shot of this shaped dinosaur hill from your view deck.    
Sleeping Dinosaur
Let be fall in Love so easy to its fine white sand and clear beach water. Many famous and affordable resorts awaits to cater you and enjoy the beaches which very enjoyable and simply a paradise.

How to get There:
Major Airlines flights daily bound for Davao (Bangoy) International Airport. Walk or ride a taxi to Jose Maria College Bus stop (beside Airport). Catch up a Bus (Batchelor's Express) bound for Mati City From Mati City terminal, you can hire Habal-habal or tricycle going to Dahican.

Dahican Beach

it is located in Brgy. Santiago, Caraga, Davao Oriental an hours drive from Mati City. Pusan Point once made in Philippines history catch with the perfect glimpse of new sunrise in the millenium history. 

How to get There:
Catch up bus or Van bund for Cateel. Get off to Brgy. Santiago, Caraga. Ride Motorcycle to Pusan Point 
Pusan Point
I considered this falls as one of the greatest natural environment creation. a water falling down to a hundreds of rocks and shapes formation shaping like a ladder going to heaven. Estimated 89 kms from town of Caraga and you can reach this through Motorcycle or any public utility vehicle.  

How to get there:
Option 1: From Caraga town, ride with Bus, or Van going to Cateel. Get off to Cateel-Comval intersection. Ride motorcycle going to Aliwagwag fall
hired a motorcycle
Option 2: Hired motorcycle from Caraga to Aliwagwag Falls (fare quite higher)

Aliwagwag Falls
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