SABLAYAN | The Longest Island to Island Zipline in the World

Sablayan Zipline Adventure is situated inside Parola Pressing Park in Poblacion, Sablayan in Occidental Mindoro, Philippines. Parola is a Mountain Park that became a watchtower of the town to defend against intruders' way back century and became one of the historical places in this town. At this present age, Sablayan has begun to be known throughout the country when it comes to the tourism industry. 

Sablayan promotes beautiful beaches, diving sites, forest reserved, traditional foods and its own people cultures that give you pleasant vacation experiences. Year Ago, Government visualized the potential to develop an Island to Island Zipline at the top of Parola pressing Park that aims boosting tourism in Sablayan town

The Main tower stands twenty-one (21) meters high with 1.7-kilometer cable length tapping to other smaller Islands which currently known to be the longest in the world. A high Park elevation is enough to pull you down using a motorized pulley system throughout other Islands. I will assure you this is very safe, relaxing and gives you a breathtaking view from the top until you reach the smaller island. You can also try abseiling and wall climbing as additional activities installed at the Zip-line Tower.

Parola Pressing Park gives you a wonderful island view around the clock and experiences the best sunset view in the afternoon.

Parola Park regularly maintained a picnic ground, cottages, playground and viewing sights while old Lighthouse and 1861 Canon still found in this place.

Parola Park has three (3) trail; the two (2) trail is connected at the top of the Park while the other one (1) with a hundred steps is connected down to the seacoast to the back.

This coastline consists of coral rocks formations pave with blue waters. In this view, you will see the old port which still active today that used for transporting locally produced products and goods from-to- other different places in the country.

Swimming in a rock formed pool alike is fun while waiting for the sunrise up or the sunset down

This Mangrove stands in century catching up the waves during rainy season making them more stronger at any nuisance struck on its trunks.

This Thousand Mangrove tree has been declared by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources as one of the protected Area in Poblacion that will soon be protected for any destructive natural calamities in its coastal communities.  


  • Airline flights available from Manila to San Jose, Occidental Mindoro
  • Bumped a Bus or Van to Sablayan for about less than 2 hours travel
  • Stop at Sablayan Bus Terminal
  • From the terminal, ride a Tricycle Driver to Parola Park
  • Find a Bus Terminal available in Alabang, Sampaloc, Pasay & Cubao bound for San Jose, Occidental
  • Stop at Sablayan Bus Terminal
  • From the terminal, ride a Tricycle Driver to Parola Park
  • Schedule of RORO Ship available daily from Batangas City Pier to Abra Pier
  • in Abra de Ilog Bumped a Bus or Van to Sablayan
  • Stop at Sablayan Bus Terminal
  • From the terminal, ride a Tricycle Driver to Parola Park

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