Things to do in Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro

Mindoro Province in the Philippines is an island that divided into two (2) Provinces, Oriental Mindoro on the East and Occidental Mindoro on the south. Occidental Mindoro has eleven (11) municipalities and home of almost 500 thousand population full of historical experienced and traditional beliefs. Aside from History, Occidental Mindoro currently boosting its tourism opportunity. One its development is in the Town of Sablayan or so-called the jewel of the South. Sablayan offers you an unforgettable unique vacation experience in your lifetime.

The main Zip line situated at the top of Parola pressing Park with a tower stands 21 meters high with 1.7 kilometers cable length tapping others island to island. Pressing park is in high elevation is enough to pull you down by motorized pulley system. They assigned trained crew staff to ensure safety and to make sure you have exiting experience. 

The Zip-line Tower also utilized for abseiling and wall climbing as additional activities you should try. It may become one of the longest islands to island Zip line not just in Asia but also in the world. You will experience a breathtaking view from the top until you reach the small island 

Parola is Mountain Park located in Poblacion shared its historical experienced. Inside has part has a Cannon built in 1861 used against intruders to defend the town. Parola has a solar lighthouse which also served as Guide for ships traveling Mindoro Strait at night. 

One of the historical attraction close to Parola pressing Park is the Old Catholic Church which built in 1832. This church started to re-furnish and normally used during town fiesta and now starting in its renovation for future historical tourism landmark.

Pandan Island is a small tropical island surrounded by fined white sand which is perfect for those who loved Island hopping and I will recommend you to stay for overnight. This tiny Island Beach has room accommodations, a small restaurant, and different beach activities. You can reach this Pandan Island from the Island where the Zip-line last stop. Just hire a boat to Pandan Island for about 15 minutes.

Apo Reef is recognized and well known as best diving sites in the Country and second-largest contiguous coral reef system in the world. This island has a lighthouse with an iron skeletal tower believed to be the tallest in the country with a height of 118 feet. The lighthouse was completed by group Filipinos and Americans in 1906  after the Philippine revolution.

You can do a lot of activities on this island like snorkeling, diving or walk around for inland adventure, see a lagoon and walk on the wooden pathway inside mangrove trees. If you want to get great view sight, walk toward the top of the lighthouse to experience the whole view of the island

Lubao Lake is located inside the Sablayan Prison and Penal Farm. It recognized as one of the finest and cleanest inland body water in the country. You can spend your one (1) day in here for many activities like bird watching, fishing, picnic or canoeing and enjoying the view of a white lotus around you

It is the largest proportion of contagious and remaining virgin forest over Mindoro Island contains 5 thousand hectares preserved by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. This forest is home of different species of tropical plants, hardwoods, Flora and fauna, mammal, animals and birds Mindoro Imperial Pigeon, Tarictic Hornbill Mindoro Bleeding Heart and the Black-hooded Coucal which became endangered in today's generation.

The Mangyans
The native of Mindoro are Mangyans, they characterize in seven ethnic groups talking in different languages. They mostly live in mountainous villages and usually engage in growing root crops, hunting wild animals and making native products from rattan. 

The Road
Land travel was tiring but here in Occidental Mindoro, you can still find yourself in peace. No traffic, fresh air and all you can see are the greenest and natural environment.

  • Airline flights available from Manila to San Jose, Occidental Mindoro
  • Bumped a Bus or Van to Sablayan for about less than 2 hours travel
  • Stop at Sablayan Bus Terminal
  • From Terminal, tell to Tricycle Driver where in your destination they will gladly bring you to your destination 
  • Find a Bus Terminal available in Alabang, Sampaloc, Pasay & Cubao bound for San Jose, Occidental
  • Stop at Sablayan Bus Terminal
  • From Terminal, tell to Tricycle Driver where in your destination they will gladly bring you to your destination 
  • Schedule of RORO Ship available daily from Batangas City Pier to Abra Pier
  • in Abra de Ilog Bumped a Bus or Van to Sablayan
  • Stop at Sablayan Bus Terminal
  • From Terminal, tell to Tricycle Driver where in your destination they will gladly bring you to your destination
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