TAWI-TAWI | Hiking at Bongao Peak

Bongao Peak or famously known as "Bud Bongao" is a Historical landmark in the province stands tall to welcome visitors. Bongao is located in the Island group of Tawi-Tawi Province under Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) believed to be the safest places in the region.
Bongao peak has an approximate 314 meters above sea level and considered as the highest peak in the province that dominates bu its landscape.

Bud Bongao is located at Bongao Peak Ecotourism and Natural Park covering 250 hectares forest as one of the last remaining moist forests in the Sulu Archipelago. 

The most prominent wildlife that you can see here is the Philippine macaques and many of them are released out in the wild. I suggest bringing some bananas so you can enjoy feeding them.   

There is plenty of flora and fauna that you can see while going uphill. Different classes of trees like pitogo, molave, spreading club moss, kalantas and bitanghol can be seen here. Varieties of insects species and animals still being protected and free to live in this protected forest.

When reaching the Peak, the feeling of being tired will be washed out and replace its admiring fantastic and Panoramic scenery lying down to forests and Ocean views. Prepare your camera and take your best shot to this wonderful natural creation.

Enjoy the admiring beauty Bongao peak while a cool wind gusts on you. From here, you can see closest towns and islands tapping served as your great vitamin eye.

Yes, I definitely come back to you

  • Airline flight available daily  from your destination to Zamboanga City
  • From Zamboanga, book an Airline ticket to Bongao. 
  • Upon reaching Bongao, Just ride Tricycle to Bongao Peak which takes 10-20 minutes.
  • No Charges Fee  when climbing Bud Bongao
  • They strictly implement leave no trace. 
  • Water bottles are counted before and after the climb. 
  • Bring your own Trash when you go Down.
  • The restroom is only available at the admin building.
  • Bring your own Drinks. 
  • Bring bananas for the monkey feeding

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