The Longest White Sandbar in the Philippines, Panampangan Island

Welcome to the longest white sandbar in the Philippines! Panampangan Island Beach is located in Basibuli Shoal in town of Sapa-Sapa, Tawi-Tawi. The sandbar extends 3,128 meters and is characterized with fine white sand beach.   Panampangan Island or local community called this as "Virgin Island" has been in the lists of promoting tourism industry in the Province. Tawi-Tawi is part of Autonomous Region and Muslim Mindanao but you will believed that this will be the peaceful Province in the entire Autonomy.

To make my travel more memorable, I decide to travel using  a small local wooden ship that carry all the needs and commodities of Island communities. This has to be the most exciting experience that i will treasure like remembering how generations passed through on and off to island town. I used to sit beside at the local young captain which is very friendly to me even giving he has a hard time to speak a language that i can understand.  People here usually communicate mostly a Samal dialect that has several tones and accents variations.
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Visiting local community in Sapa-Sapa and Tandubas island town as one of my target to understand how they live in very simple way. Community Village and Houses called "Punduhan" just lies and stood strong on the seawater. They usually engage in planting seaweeds as the primary sources of their living. In here, the life is very secluded from discursive civilization. When you buy any kind of seafood, scales is not necessary and they just price you base on their conscience and dignity. 
After community visit, we hire a man-made type speed boat with 3 small engines that makes faster than the ordinary one to reach the famous longest sandbar in the Philippines - the Panampangan Island Beach.
An hour travel from the island town of Sapa-Sapa, this island reflects from farthest sighted fronting you that make me more excited to touch down to its fine white sand. It so look beautiful and very unique! Climate condition in Tawi tawi is generally moderate but occasionally rainfalls in the afternoon therefore I suggest you to bring any first aid medicine or kit.  
Upon reaching Panampangan Island, nothing that i can say but WOW! Its finest white sand  sink to my feet that make me fun running on its sandbar. I'll give my two thumbs up to you! I can says that i was very lucky enough to step and mark my footprint on this crazy beautiful island of Panampangan. I know that there is more undiscovered beautiful places here in tawi-tawi but i was very happy that i touch the one of your finest. 


  • Airline flight available daily  from your destination to Zamboanga City
  • From Zamboanga, book an Airline ticket to Bongao. travel time will be 30-45 minutes
  • Go to Pantalan or Bongao Port
  • Should hire a Boat to reach Panampangan Island beach, the price ranging 2,500 to 3, 000 pesos good for 3 to 5 person.  
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