The Triplets Lighthouse and the Parola Beach of Cape San Agustin, Governor Genroso

Cape San Agustin is situated in Barangay Lavigan town of Governor Generoso, the farthest point in the Philippines fronting the Celebes Sea while Davao Gulf on the other side. It has three lighthouses built that served as the guide to all ships who passing through the Gulf. Waves observed sound roaring wild elegantly playing with coral rocks while wind whispering throughout the Cape.

Reach this place just three (3) hours drive from Davao City to Governor Generoso town - to - Cape San Agustin. The road is fully concrete from Davao City to Cape San Agustin with very much improvement unlike before. 

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The Lighthouses

Upon Reaching Cape San Agustin, you will immediately notice why this place has three (3) Lighthouse, stand strong despite the strong wind and changing the climate. I felt so much excitement reaching this end southernmost point in the Philippines but underwent my sadness because I did not see this when the sun still rises. Climbing above the lighthouse to see the spectacular beauty between clear Ocean flavor and huge trees just became only my imagination. Each lighthouse represents its distinctive past and the future; both witnessing together with clashes of waves and clumsy winds.

On the sideways, you will notice an altar-shaped rock. Many believed this place became a venue for first commences by St. Francis Xavier as part of his Christianity mission before spread out throughout Mindanao way back in 1500's History.

Right beside this altar rock, I noticed the rock formations so I decide to step down using tiny trekking rope down to the coastline. I was very surprised when I saw several holes; cave alike that makes altar rock more cheerful and beautiful. This is site belongs not just by shared history but also a unique gift from almighty that reminds me to care about natures. 

As I walked to the coral rocks, I noticed playing peculiar crabs living in freedom scattered while focusing on every stone they can touch

Love Beaches? spend your time at Parola coastal beachline; just take five (5) minutes walk from the top of the Point and you will reach this fine white sand and clear water beach. We didn't expect to have a beautiful beach in this Area with fine pinkish sand that kept beauty as its best. Too Sad, we don't have much time to have beach experience because we arrived very late and still no available place for accommodation near in the area.  

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You can hire a van from Davao City, Tagum City or Butuan City going to Town of Governor Generoso (Sigaboy). Cape San Agustin is 45 drive from central town with the concrete road.

For commuters and backpackers from Davao City;

  • Major Airlines flights daily bound for Davao (Bangoy) International Airport
  • Walk or ride a taxi to Jose Maria College Bus stop (Airport Entrance)
  • Catch up a Bus or Van  bound for Governor Generoso (Sigaboy) or Pundaguitan 
  • Hire Motorcycle to reach Cape San Agustin
For commuters and backpackers from Butuan City;

  • Major Airlines flights daily bound for Butuan City
  • Go to Butuan Bus Terminal
  • Catch up a Bus or Van  bound for Davao City
  • Drop off to Tagum City
  • Transfer Bus bound for Governor Generoso (Sigaboy) or Pundaguitan 
  • Hire Motorcycle to reach Cape San Agustin

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  1. This place looks amazing. Would definitely make a plan to visit. Thanks for sharing information about this

  2. Looks like a lovely location and a wonderful adventure. Thanks for sharing.