Engaging natures of Uma sa Taba, Carmen Davao del Norte

There are a bunch of places here in the Philippines that will give you a perfect bonding with your families and friends but most of us always think about those places which are famous, beautiful and well-known attractions. Why not try to go places, where popularity does not recognize but yet gives you even more breathtaking experienced than typically expensive places for your trip with the same happiness, can be given to you.

In Davao Region, sensuously that tourism industry was rapidly booming with its abundant spots and spectacular destinations like Beaches  ECO-Tourism and Heritage Parks, restaurants, nightlife and more. With exception to Davao Del Norte province which knew as major banana producers all over the country became the main sources of living by most families in here. This gives a major contribution in agriculture sector however tourism industry also growing. In the small town of Carmen, Davao del Norte has a hidden attraction called Uma sa Taba that can enjoy the beauty of nature perfect for family gatherings and friends activities.

At the main entrance, we noticed this spacious and spot-crisp in its beautiful landscape. The small bridge seems encouraging and welcoming us to come in to engage in its natural beauty. Yes, Entrance is “FREE” of charge which is rarely happening in every spot I’ve been visited; this means that we can enjoy your days without spending too much.

This place allows every visitor to bond with family and friends only for a day tour. Just rent a cottage and you will enjoy the amenities. There various cottages for the rent depending on their sizes.  Kubo Hunts with Kitchen good for more than 10 people only cost P1, 000 per day; Driftwood Hut cost P500 per day and Umbrella Kubo Hunts cost P200 per day but they don't have room accommodations yet, so, they will be close by 6:00 in the evening.

As reminders, these places also have rules to be followed. First, our kids must always keep visible. We should also help to preserve our environment engaging with Mother Nature. This place also not allows smoking and brings any alcoholic beverages inside though they are not very strict in checking of this; our responsibility to follow in maintaining a good environment.  Help and observed cleanliness around the rented cottage and put your trash at the proper garbage bin. Keep an eye on your valuables because management is no responsibility for that loss. No picking of flowers and return fishing rods after used.
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Along the way, you will pass a bamboo bridge that served as a joint point end. This bridge is a great location for pictorials and for the fishing site as well. You will not just enjoy this place with their activities but also to test your patience at some point. Well, should put your eagerness to find better locations to have a good catch. 

When there’s no catch, they have available food to cook in the receptions that you may order; they can also cook your catch or either you can do it on your own and just pay it per kilo. Traditional Fishing rods and bait available at the reception for free. They also sell Charcoal (Uling), Firewood, Native vinegar (from Coconut), Fresh Coconut Juice and Coconut wine (Tuba).   

Here are the prices of your catch per kilo
  • Giant Tilapia          - P120
  • Saline King Fish    - P120
  • Bangus                   - P130
  • Hito                        - P180
  • Crabs                      - P500

You can also enjoy a boat ride for just 50 pesos per hour. Remembering my childhood, my father always accompanied me for fishing at open sea during the weekend. When my kids ask me for a boat ride, so, I do not mind thinking about it to disagree. Kids have too much enjoyment in this activity and they ask me to try boat paddling that feels me happier and like really missed this kind of priceless moment since this was the first time we experienced together.

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You have to know that Davao City (F. Bangoy International Airport) is the closest Airport
  • Bus stop available outside the Airport in front of Jose Maria College
  • Catch up Bus bound for Tagum, Mati or Butuan (32 kms ride)
  • Get off to Carmen Grand Terminal  
  • Hire single motorcycle (Habal-Habal) going to Uma sa Taba (Brgy. Taba) (8.5 kms)
From Tagum City and nearby Town
  • Bus ride from Tagum City Grand Terminal to Carmen
  • Get off to Carmen Grand Terminal  
  • Hire single motorcycle (Habal-Habal) going to Uma sa Taba (Brgy. Taba) (8.5 kms)
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