The Majestic Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon, USA

How much beauty of National Park in America when it comes to preservation? Wondering why so much beauty of natural landscapes in the United States.  Among those favorites spots that owed me are the Bryce Canyon in Utah and the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Both Canyons were distinct with different sceneries as looking into the panoramic views that make puzzled how those incredible shapes were made.

Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah lies with uniquely made Amphitheaters shape plateau, filled with delicate pinnacle and rock formations called hoodoos.  Collections of majestic Hoodoos formed though erosions made by wind, frost, and rains create fins, spire, incredible appearance in crimson colors. 

On the other hand, the beauty of Bryce Canyon is not far from the Grand Canyon, In fact, it is considered as one of 7 wonders of Natural World. Grand Canyon is almost 450 kilometers long with 29 kilometers wide with 6 million years ago in existence. Grand Canyon has breathtaking landscape and dramatic scenery makes that me speechless.  

They may have a different phase in history, but they are both shaped by nature and deserve to be preserved these million years of creation. May all those tourists continue to be responsible for the protection and conservation of Nature. It's a long way to go before reaching these places but fatigue truly vanish once the stunning scenery has spotted.


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