Waniban Island of Mati City, Davao Oriental

No wonder that Davao Oriental in the Philippines adheres its “Water Wonders” namesake; apart from awning magnificent Aliwagwag Waterfalls In Cateel and the shining Campawan Curtain Waterfalls in Baganga, this province is also surrounded by beautiful islands and panoramic beaches. 

In the central Capital of Mati City are blessed of many tourism attractions; indeed, Dahican Beach is one of the wonders manifestation of it,  a truly a gem of Davao Oriental as the center of commerce,  culture diversifications. Dahican becoming famous in Surfing and Skimboarding in Davao Region and expected to be the next to Siargao. Nevertheless, the islands are gradually gleaned and  earning popularity among Mindanao Islands.

Waniban Island, is a four hectare Island, located in Puhada Bay  has something to say in beauty and uniqueness. It may not be famous like Islands in Camiguin or Mindoro but it might give much comfortable leisurely experience like owning an island when you touch the Island. Despite cottages and some development in placed, the natural beauty of the Island still maintained. The Island is literally small and yet, getting around at the entire island is easy. Just take an hour walk around the Island and the rest is priceless. Spend much time in a clear blue water and play barefoot in fine, milky white sand and do bonding with colleagues has much fun  to celebrate than to spend on famous but expensive places. 

The closest place to reach Waniban Island is to reach the coastal Barangay of Taganilao in Mati City. Taganilao is a forty five (45) minute motorcycle ride from Mati City Bus terminal. The road is majority concreted from Bus Terminal to Barangay Dahican and/or Masao, however, a little construction ongoing in foremost parts going to Barangay Taganilao. 

Before opting to Barangay Taganilao, I suggest to drop by (first) at Mati City Market for buying fresh foods. There is no available store or restaurant inside the Island but sometimes fresh catch seafoods are available from Taganilao fishermen. Ask the caretaker to cook for just P50 to P100 pesos cooking fee. They also allow visitors to cook, but I urged to have extra care and taking more responsibilities in protecting the environment and properly dispose waste.    


The Closest Airport if you’re coming from Manila and other Cities is Davao City (F. Bangoy) International Airport. Schedule of Flights available daily from Major Airports in the Philippines to Davao City. When Arrived in Davao City;
  • Take 200 meters walk going to Airport exit, then, look for Bus Stop in front of Jose Maria College (7/11 convenience store); your second option is to ride a taxi from Davao City Airport going to Ecoland Bus Terminal.
  • Wait for a BUS (Bachelor Express) or; VAN bound for Mati City. (or follow 2nd option) when you reach Ecoland Bus Terminal, look for BUS (Bachelor Express) bound for Mati City or Cateel.
I suggest to catch up an Air-condition BUS for your comfortable travel since this is a 137 kilometer ride and takes 3-4 hours travel time before reaching Mati City. Normal fare ranging P220. – P350. pesos depends on the Types of Bus you get on. Get off to Mati City Integrated Terminal then hired motorcycle going to Barangay Taganilao. Fare ranging P50 to P150 pesos per person depends on how you bargain when you deal as hired.

At Barangay Taganilao, look for a Waniban Island Caretaker - Bong Linsag;  He is also willing to arrange your boat going to Waniban Island. Two way boat rental is ranging P300- P500 good for 3 to 4 persons, and/or; P500-P1, 000 good for 5-10 person. The Island allows visitors to do camping. They have available tent for rent as low as P100 pesos a day. Cottages rental fee is  P500 pesos. 

Enjoy your Island stay!

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