4 Interesting Places to visit in Baganga, Davao Oriental

Davao Oriental is gaining its popularity in the terms of beautiful and stunning places, making the province as one of the tourism hubs in the Davao Region. Davao Oriental is separated into two (2) different political districts, the west coast fronting the Davao Gulf and Celebes sea and; the East coast facing the Pacific Ocean. Despite it, Davao Oriental’s town is so blessed with various heritage and natures blessings that bring unique identities in every place in Mindanao tourism destination.  

This travel article will bring you to one of Davao Oriental’s small towns, not so famous, but full of abundant tourism attractions that belong to Wonders of Paradise. An exception from the hospitality of the people, which is a common behavior of Filipino, here are the most wonders that  Baganga excites you to visit.

1. Campawan Waterfalls

Curtain waterfalls are located in the small town of Baganga, Davao Oriental; it is a 51-kilometer drive from the center of Caraga town. Curtain waterfalls have in common with Tinuy-an waterfall in Bislig City in the forms, but the trekking and accessibility are a little bit interesting. Although rough road and trekking are very challenging, when getting there, all will replace by speechless and inexplicable feeling throughout the glimpse of sceneries like in the other dimension of the world. Curtain waterfalls are the picnic heaven on most occasions by the locals and yet hidden to the outside world. Much potential that these waterfalls once develop, will produce more livelihood and opportunities to nearby communities

The most enjoyable and precious part in visiting waterfalls are enclosed in the midst, swim, and shower beneath the falling waters. Getting closer to the waterfalls is easy, it has a platonic threshold; no need to use a bamboo raft to get closer to it compared in Tinuy-an Waterfalls. Even rented cottages are visible, but they still preserved the natural scenery of waterfalls.  Cottage rental is for P150 pesos, but no entrance fee will be collected which is very rare to experience.  

2. San Victor Island

While in the town of Baganga, why should try to experience Island hopping at San Victor Island? Located in Barangay San Victor, it is considered as one of the best small Island in Davao Region, which is not so crowded and tourist are very seldom except the locals. San Victor features white fine sand, small cottages and function hall. A short ride a bangka (native boat) for P50 pesos per person to the island and just pay P30 pesos for Environmental fee. Get an overnight stay for just 1, 800 pesos or putting up your own tent is a bit cheaper for your Island hopping experiences. 

3. Lake Carolina

Another interesting spot in Baganga that should not miss is the Lake Carolina in Barangay Salingcomot. The local tourist says that Lake Carolina is likened to Enchanted River were both features crystal clear water looks and inviting more visitors to fall in love with its beauty. This place is truly the best spot to get out of stress. Except that, the Entrance fee is only P5 pesos; means that will enjoy the whole day without breaking the budget

4. Balite Hot Spring

Balite Hot Spring is a private resort located in Barangay Kinablangan; just along the highway taking Baganga - Cateel road. Hot Spring has surprising benefits for health, the best solution for stress relief,  relaxation, and meditation. Local folks believed that Hot spring waters could help the treatment of skin disease, digestions, constipation, liver malfunctions, and gout.     

If you’re from Manila or Cebu, your closest airport is Davao City and Butuan City. Flights available on a daily basis. 

Bus stop at the front of Jose Maria College (beside airport Exit). Catch up BUS (Bachelor Express) or; VAN bound for Cateel or Boston with via Mati City (More Accessible). Bus normally stopover in Mati City for a break. Stop at Baganga Public market, then, hire a single motorcycle to take you to your destination 

There is no direct Bus to take you at Baganga but you may use 305 kilometers Butuan - Bislig - Cateel Road for Private Vehicle. The road is fully concreted and passable to all vehicles.

For commuters from Butuan, you can take this route;
Catch up BUS or; VAN from Butuan bound to Davao city at Butuan City Terminal (usually leaving every 45 minutes). Then, get-off to Tagum City Bus Terminal. Transfer Bus (Bachelor Express) or;  Van bound for Cateel or Boston. Stop at Baganga Public market, then, hire a single motorcycle to take you to your destination.


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