Best Places to visit in the East Coast of Davao Oriental

Davao Oriental is one of the beautiful province in Davao Region that blessed with world class Tourist attractions and stunning places, so it is known the Wonders of Paradise. Davao Oriental is divided into two (2) political district; the west coast fronting Davao gulf and Celebes sea, and; the East Coast is fronting the  Pacific Ocean. Davao Oriental relying on agriculture based economy, which mainly produce rice, lumber and root crops.  In 2002, when the east coast of  Davao Oriental devastated by category 5 by typhoon Pablo that destroys major parts of the town; many families lose their homes, livelihoods and the tourism attractions.

But people don’t lose their hopes, strained to recover and rise up from the devastations in years. In fact, even the local tourism industry opens new doors in promoting  their magnificent natural Wonders that could be considered as a world class spot. Planning your next long drive around? Here are the most exciting places on the gems East Coast of Davao Oriental.

1. Pusan Point
(Caraga, Davao Oriental)

Pusan Point is located in Barangay San Isidro, Caraga in Davao Oriental. Pusan Point became a historical venue catching the perfect glimpse of the First Millennium Sunrise in the year 2000. Today, Pusan point has been developed as one of Davao Oriental’s landmarks that offers stunning landscape through the Provincial Government initiative.

2. San Salvador Del Mundo church
(Caraga, Davao Oriental)

San Salvador Del Mundo  Church is one of the Oldest churches in Davao Region recognized by the National Historical Commision of the Philippines (NHCP). The  church is dedicated to Salvador Del Mundo (Christ, the Saviour of the World) was built in 1800 century made with wood, limestone block, corals and stone that served as a mission station of Spanish missionaries  to extend Christianity in the Eastern part of Mindanao.

3. Curtain Waterfalls
(Baganga, Davao Oriental)

Curtain waterfalls are located in the small town of Baganga, Davao Oriental; it is a 51 kilometer drive from the center of Caraga town. Curtain waterfalls have in common with with Tinuy-a waterfall in Bislig City in the forms, but the trekking and accessibility is a little bit interesting. To get at the main locations, rough road experiences will replaced by speechless and inexplicable glimpse of sceneries felt  like in the other dimension of the world.

4. San Victor Island
(Baganga, Davao Oriental)

While in the town of Baganga, why should try to experience Island hopping at San Victor Island. It is considered as one of the best small Island in Davao Region, which not so crowded and tourist are very seldom except the locals. San Victor  features a white fine sand, small cottages and function hall. A short ride a Bangka (native boat) for P50 pesos per person to the island and Pay P30 pesos for Environmental fee. Get an overnight stay for just 1, 800 pesos or putting up your own tent is a bit cheaper.  

5. Lake Carolina
(Baganga, Davao Oriental)

Another interesting spot in Baganga that should not miss is the Lake Carolina in Barangay Salingcomot. Local tourist says that Lake Carolina is likened to Enchanted River were both features crystal clear water looks and inviting more visitors to fall in love with its beauty. This place is truly the best spot to get out of stress. Except from that, Entrance fee is only P5 pesos; means that will enjoy the whole day without breaking the budget

6. Balite Hot Spring
(Baganga, Davao Oriental)

Balite Hot Spring is a private resort located in Barangay Kinablangan; just along the highway taking Baganga - Cateel road. Hot Spring has surprising benefits for health, best solution for stress relief,  relaxation and meditation. Local folks believed that Hot spring waters could help treatment of skin disease, digestions, constipation, liver malfunctions and gout.

7. Aliwagwag Waterfalls
(Cateel, Davao Oriental)

Aliwagwag Falls is a gigantic waterfall revealing 84 falls which can be likened to stairways to heaven. It is considered as one of the best and the highest waterfalls in the entire Philippines with a total 340 meters high and a width of 20 meters. Connects 13 rapids to cross most of which are seen in the forests up to the foot and 136 steps waterfalls pour downward rapidly throughout rock formations.

Looking for Extreme Activities? Well, these places may be for. Aside from the awe-inspiring view, Aliwagwag  Eco-Tourism parks offer outbound Activities, Picnic Area and Canteen. A length of 680 meters zip-line will levitate you the ground with an overlooking view of Cateel Protected Landscapes. Experience the monkey bridge that brings you closer to the waterfall threshold.  Have a soothing water experience in the Swimming Area and; hanging bridges which will serve your way in exploring the whole Park

8. Mahoc Beach
(Baganga-Cateel Boundary)

Mahoc beach is not so famous to many but very familiar to the locals. It is located right beside in the  passing Cateel -Baganga national road. The beach line represents  creamy white sand stretch, beautiful coral rock formations and pacific blue oceans waters. Most travellers opted here to rest and relax during a long travel journey.  

If you’re from Manila or Cebu, the closest airport is Davao City and Butuan City. Flights are available in daily basis. 

Bus stop at the front of Jose Maria College (beside airport Exit). Catch up BUS (Bachelor Express) or; VAN bound for Cateel or Boston with via Mati City (More Accessible). Bus normally stopover in Mati City for a break. Then, stop at  your first destination. Available means of transportation in most Davao Oriental covering town is to reach all attractions by motorcycle.

There is no direct Bus to take you at Baganga but you may use 305 kilometers Butuan - Bislig - Cateel Road for Private Vehicle. The road is fully concreted and passable to all vehicles.

For commuters form Butuan, you can take this route;
Catch up BUS or; VAN from Butuan bound to Davao city at Butuan City Terminal (usually leaving every 45 minutes). Then, get-off to Tagum City Bus Terminal. Transfer Bus (Bachelor Express) or;  Van bound for Cateel or Boston. Then, stop at  your first destination. Available means of transportation in most Davao Oriental covering town is to reach all attractions by motorcycle.

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