Divine Mercy Shrine, El Salvador in Misamis Oriental

El Salvador is a small City in Misamis Oriental Province of Southern Mindanao. This City is known as “The City of Mercy” or “City of The Savior” home of 50 feet Divine Mercy statue of Jesus Christ, believed to be the tallest in its kind in the Philippines and in the World. The Divine Mercy Shrine is upright at Divine Mercy Hills with an overlooking view of the Macajalar Bay and Camiguin Island. 

Philippines is predominantly a Catholic religion, even in a major province in Mindanao except for the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) however, communities lives together in prosperity and in unity. The first Christianity commencement in Mindanao recorded in the 1500s led by St. Francis Xavier in front of altar-shaped rock at Pusan Point, small towns of Governor Generoso in Davao Oriental.     

Divine Mercy Shrines are situated in 9 hectares lush land builds in stunning landscapes made through devotees donations. Jesus Christ statue at the center, completed in 2008 but the management made continues improvements by putting the most sacred sites of the Park. 

From the main entrance, will have to pass through 200 stair steps toward the statue where it stands. As part of the pilgrim and sacrifice for devotees, walking throughout the stairs is nothing as long as to reach closer to Jesus Christ Statue. The park is considered as sacred ground, the management imposed proper attire when entering to shrine premises. No one is allowed to wear with revealing outfits and shorts wearings. They have available proper clothes readily wear for those visitors who are not familiar with the strict rules.

At the back of  Jesus Christ Statue, where the Divine Mercy Church is located. This Church holds regular holy masses, venue for confessions and the spiritual retreat activities. The Divine Mercy Shrine is a good venue and the perfect place to reflect on the spiritual journey and an excellent passage in renewing faith. 

The Shrine has a regular schedule of visit and a chance to solemnly pray in front of the Jesus Christ heart. Visitors are allowed to enter to the gigantic Jesus Christ statue, however, the management requires all interested to proceed for a minute of orientation assisted by Shrine officials.  Taking pictures and bringing umbrella going to the top of gigantic of Jesus Christ Statue is restricted to maintain its sacredness.      

Miraculous Events
The Divine Mercy Shrine has a number of unique and unexplained events experienced in its history. Affirms in videos and testimonies of witnesses on that miraculous event. One of the unforgettable phenomenal is the miracle of the dancing sun witnessed by thousands of devotees recorded in April 2003 during the feast; April 19, 2009, during the dawn mass celebrating the feast of divine mercy and April 7, 2013, when the eyes of the Divine mercy statue appeared looking down. 

Another unexplained event happened are The stars of David remembered in August 2004 and The Chalice in  September 2007 which give a vision in the building of this miraculous shrine. 

Daily flights are available from Philippines Major Airports in the Philippines bound for the Laguindingan International Airport. 

From Laguindingan International Airport, catch up metered taxi or coaster bound for Cagayan De Oro City. If your taking metered taxi, ask the driver to take you directly to Divine Mercy Shrine. For those taking coaster, tell the driver to get you off to the crossing going to Divine Mercy Shrine (Big signage is visible on the main road) near MacDonald. Then, hire a tricycle or motorcycle to reach the Shrine.

For those coming from places in Mindanao, El Salvador is closest to Cagayan De Oro City and Iligan City on the other side. Catch up Buses or Jeepney bound for Iligan (from CDO) or from Iligan City bound for Cagayan De Oro City. Tell the driver to get you off to the crossing going to Divine Mercy Shrine (Big signage is visible on the main road) near McDonald. Then, hire a tricycle or motorcycle to reach the Shrine.


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