Why Mati City in Davao Oriental is a worth place to Visit

Mati is a fifth class City and the capital of Davao Oriental Province or known as the "Wonders of Paradise" blessed with many attractions and places can be explored in short visits; featuring its beautiful islets, beaches, Historical attractions and stunning sceneries. Mati is from the Mandaya word Maa-ti, refers to the creek at the downtown that dry quickly even in heavy rains. Mandaya language is widely spoken by the locals, but they can also communicate using Cebuano, Tagalog and English languages.     

Zig-Zag Road
Mati City is a hundred eighty three (183) kilometers from the heart of Davao City passing Pan-Philippine Highway/AH26 and Surigao - Davao Coastal Road.  Approaching Mati City, a famous Zig Zag Roads awaits travelers to experience with priceless stunning views of Davao Gulf.. The mountains are brown during summer, whereas green in colors during rainy season. Extra an cautions while passing is a must since the road has limited curve signs and overall stunning view looks.

Sleeping Dinosaur
Before reaching the downtown Mati City, an overlooking mountain that looks alike dinosaur sleeping down beside the shoreline will definitely grab your attention.  Most visitors opted Mati City stopped in this area to breath some the fresh,  a minute rests and take selfies facing at dinosaur shaped mountains from the view decked. 

Dinner at the Baywalk 
Bay walk has become a tourist landmark of Mati City where the best site to witness the sunrise  and sunset. There are various restaurants serves seafoods and local delicacies beside the Park. It is also a good place to tastes street foods made by locals and seasoned fruit harvest by city farms and must taste best pomelo in Davao region which directly harvest from Menzi farm.

Subangan Museum
A little bit surprised the Mati City had an incredible museum, which I recommend to you to visit. Subang comes from the local word Subang means Sunrise. It is a two (2) storey building designed with  traditional patterns and artwork from Davao Oriental’s Indigenous History. The remains of a 53 feet Whale fossil displayed in the main hall. This whale found dead on the shore in a small town of Governor Generoso and named it remains as “Davaor” on the abbreviation of Davao Oriental. Davor is considered as the 7th largest whale in the world remains found and exhibit. 

The Beaches
When it comes to beaches, Mati City has its owned version of Boracay. A thirty (30) minutes ride from Mati City Downtown where Barangay Dahican is located. Dahican featuring a seven kilometer out-stretch with fine white sand beach and panoramic view of the coastline. Walking barefoot along the shore and playing outdoors activities bequeaths more excitements. Coastal waters are purely blue seems very seductive as the waves stir up flirting to play with. Dahican Beach is very famous in name Surfing and Skimboarding, in fact, the Amihan Boys (a group of fishermen sons) had much reputations in this field. Dahican in Mati City also considered as Surfing capital in Davao Region next to Siargao in Surfing destination in Mindanao. 

Mati City has a unique physiognomy when it comes to bucket of beaches depends on your fashion. If surfing and skim-boarding is not your vocation, then, Masao beaches in Barangay Masao is right for your holidays. Masao Beaches are mixed with white sand, swimming pool and floating cottages institutionalized by different beach resorts. Waves are not too strong as the beach line positions in Mati Gulf. Considering the services offered by the resorts, it also depends on how you enjoy places regardless of something disappoints us as a tourist. 

The Islets  
Coastline beaches doesn’t anymore excites you? Then, snoop with these two beautiful Islands in Mati City. Near in Masao and Dahican is is an island named famously as Waniban Island. It is four hectares Island, surrounded with white fine sand and unique corals along  Puhada Bay. Spend time on the Island and take a thirty minute walk  tour around to see the hidden beauty of the surrounding. 

Puhada Island, is a second Island that can complete your Island hopping experience in Mati City. Puhada is a 150 hectare widely covered by forests, small lakes at the center and a white fine sand beach line can compare to Pandan Island in Occidental Mindoro. Puhada Island is bigger than Waniban Island but both of them are considered as the newly island treasure and tourist destination in Davao Region. 

Puhada Island has been developed  through the years, cottages and port are already available, unlike in my last visit in 2012 which is totally a virgin Island.  Although development evolve, good to see that the natural scenery of the Island maintained as it is. Tourist urged to maintain discipline in terms of waste disposal management in preventing environmental pollution. At the back, is an islet emerge and coming out bigger during low tide. This Islet is totally naked, not trees and shadows that you can rest; smaller compare but gives an stunning views and lifetime experienced that can really match in White Island in Camiguin.

Macambol Cold Spring
Mati City has a balance tourism site, if you feel sick at salt water, soak up at Cold springs in Barangay Macambol and hot spring in Barangay Buso. Mountain Top Spring Resort rising its popularity in Cold Spring destination, offers a nice quiet place that you can relax presenting its pool with 8.74 alkaline clear blue waters like an ocean. Day and night tours, cottages and rooms accommodations are available.         

Ultra Light Flying
A flight school based in Mati City will brings an extremely experienced but relaxing view of scenery while flying.  Mindanao Saga Flying Club (MSFC) will take you from your first ultralight aircraft flight assisted by experienced and certified pilot.  In just fifteen (15) minutes, the club will ensure your safe ultralight aircraft flying and adrenaline experience. This minute flight will takes you to the stunning beauty and  breathtaking landscape of Mati City. Ultralight aircraft is a good weather dependent; it is suggested to take a chance in early morning schedule from 6:00  to 9:00 and in the afternoon from 4:00 to 6:00. Mindanao Saga Flying Club (MSFC) offers two (2) flight choices;  Trial Instructional Flight-Open Aircraft (P2, 700) and Trial Instructional Flight-Closed Cockpit (P3, 200). At some times, flights may be cancelled due to tempestuous wind and instances of bad weather. 

The Closest Airport if you’re coming from Manila and other Cities is Davao City (F. Bangoy) International Airport. Schedule of Flights available daily from Major Airports in the Philippines. When Arrived in Davao City;

Take 200 meters walk going to Airport exit, then, look for Bus Stop in front of Jose Maria College (7/11 convenience store); your second option is to ride a taxi from Davao City Airport going to the Ecoland Bus Terminal. Wait for a BUS (Bachelor Express) or; VAN bound for Mati City. (OR: follow this 2nd option) when you reach Ecoland Bus Terminal, look for BUS (Bachelor Express) bound for Mati City or Cateel.

I suggest to catch up an Air-condition BUS for your comfortable travel since this is a 137 kilometer ride and takes 3-4 hours travel time before reaching Mati City. Normal fare ranging P220. – P350 pesos depend on the Types of Bus you get on. Get off to Mati City Integrated Terminal then hired motorcycle or tricycle going to your first destination. Fare ranging P50 to P150 pesos per person depends on how you bargain; City fare for tricycle is P10 pesos per person. 

Tricycle is the best way of transportation  since there is no jeepney or taxi round in the city. Mati City government  is not very strict in using drones but better to ask permission first to the places in-charged before playing.  



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