Must Try: Seafood in Kota Nganjuk, Indonesia

As my three days visit in Kota Nganjuk in East Java, Indonesia. my curiosity begins again how their food evolve by different taste, different preparations but in same name. check some foods that i had tried in the City of Nganjuk

1. Soto Daging 

A unique twist taste of Soto Daging in Kota Nganjuk cooked in flavored soup combination with beef meats and exotic parts and rice. The originality that compare to any soto daging I had taste in different Cities i've visited here in Indonesia. Soto Daging Madura also blend with coconut milk which give a little sweetness flavor but the Soto Daging in Nganjuk just had a taste of saltiness 

2. Nasi Jagung

This is my first time to taste the Nasi Jagung in Indonesia, it was happen during our visit in Air Terjun Sedodo. This variety of food is considered as authentic traditional dish from Nganjuk as the old seller says. The taste is very flavorful, with  a combination of corn rice mixed with crackers, salted fish, vegetables top with coconut crust. If you love trying local food, this one is recommended for you  

3. Nasi Becek

Nasi Becek is another authentic food from Kota Nganjuk in Indonesia. This is typically considered as exotic to me that is why i used to loved it. Nasi Becek is served in rice at the bottom, then a mixed of  goats meat and external organs making it as a toppings. Then, a server puts a unique soup on the plate. The taste is strong with a little bit salt and a very spicy soup.  Partner with  crackers (krupuk) and  homemade iced tea!

4. Mie Jowo

Mie Jowo is a traditional noodles soup originated from Java Island, specifically in Central Java. It has unique taste and authentics flavors mixed with eggs and vegetables. It tried Mie Jowo several times in in the City of Yogyakarta. I just realized that tasting Java Mie Jowo in Yogyakarta has a sweetness while in Nganjuk has a little saltiness. Then, asking my friend about the taste differences; he ask tha East Java loves food with a little bit salty and spicy. Mie Jowo prepared in two (2) different types but several style; Mie Jowo Goreng (fired) or Mie Jowo Rebus (noodles soup). 

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