PALUAN | Best Things TO DO in the Waterfalls Capital of Occidental Mindoro

Occidental Mindoro is a developing province covered by MIMAROPA and yet, it may be self-reliant to develop several public services accessibility especially in terms of transportation. However, this province doing its best to raise its namesake Mina de Oro due to developing tourism destinations like the APO Reef which recognized as the second largest contagious reef  in the world, and; the longest Island to Island Zipline  in the World both located in the town of Sablayan; Today, as to write this article, I just realize that this small town of Paluan have so many potentials awing the world-class tourism attractions that could soon be placed in the Philippines tourism map.  

Paluan is a 3rd class Municipality positioned at the northwestern of Occidental Mindoro and a home of more than 16,000 people. Tagalog is majority used by most locals and the Mangyan (Iraya) Language. Bisaya, Ilokano, and Bicolano are spoken by migrated people from outside the Province. Paluan is predominantly characterized as a rural municipality that blessed with natural vegetations and an economy based Agriculture activities. The towns are covered by natural forest land planted with bearing trees and upland crops; continue to strive to further improve its economic activities specifically as far as the tourism potentials.

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The small town of Paluan is a 70.9 kilometer or an hour and 30-minute road trip from the Port of small-town Abra De Ilog in Occidental Mindoro. There is limited access to public transportation from the main port going to Paluan; It is suggested to take a cut ride going to the Municipality of Mamburao Integrated terminal for those planning for backpacking traveling. These are the reason why should visit the magnificent place of Paluan.   

Calawagan Mountain River Resort
(Barangay Alipaoy)
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The Calawagan mountain river resort is one of the perfect adventures place to spend in Paluan. Considered as the cleanest body of water in the Philippines, it is a nature-based resort managed by the local Government which be fitted for leisure, outings, and workshops. This place has available cottages, rooms and function rooms that could cater for small occasions. Calawagan has a lap pool and a hanging bridge connecting the other side of the resort. While walking towards the bridge, observe the natural pool filled with natural waters and the relaxing background of rock formations. However, the management is urged to have an extra effort in enforcing proper waste disposal while the tourist should be responsible for taking care of the natural environment.

(1500 above sea level; the highest peak of Mt. Calavite)
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One of the Famous protected mountains is Mount Calavite. A large portion of forest land is restricted and dedicated as Reservoir area for wildlife and watershed covered by the Mount Calavite wildlife sanctuary. Some hikers opt to Mount Calavite observed various classes of flora and fauna and rare opportunity to encounter with critically endangered Tamaraws and an extraordinary bird called Mindoro bleeding heart (Gallicolumba platenae). This mountains witnessed several historic events during the colonial period and became protections to every natural calamity.   

     (Pinagbayanan Church Ruins)
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In the early 17th century, Paluan was known as the Religious District of Calavite with an original name of Calawit during the Spanish colonials which means from the shape of the mountain behind the settlement of the people. Aside from colonial history, Calavite mentions in different history of occasions in different time like a ship sank oftentimes due to rough waves encountered by sailors then, now called Sitio Purao. In the year 1730 to 1734, Paluan or Sitio Paloang encountered severe damage from the attacks of the Moro Pirates that destroy the most structures including the convent of Calavite.

Municipality of Paluan is surrounded by the beautiful scenery of mountains; it is also a home of more than sixty-seven (67+) waterfalls with individual unique identities that can only experience in the province of Occidental Mindoro. Several waterfalls are still undiscovered by many and just a few have been visited except the locals which could still be considered a virgin. Consider this place on your next trip and will assure you have made a great and unforgettable waterfall trip which can on experience in Paluan. 

While visiting these places, it is urged to first visit the local tourism office and hire a local guide in helping you to reach several magnificent waterfalls, especially to those who still apprentice in the line of mountain activities, hiking, and trekking. Experience the most unforgettable moment with a challenging adventure in your life, by the end, the most rewards points you earned is to take every destination that you might want to reach and enjoy the blessing of natures beauty inside the virgin rainforest. 

Bisay ng Purao or Purao Falls  (Barangay Mananao)
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Kalo-Kalo / Agbolago Falls   (Barangay Harrison)
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Lubinasan Falls (Sitio Hinugasan)
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Bisay ng Libatak (Libatak Falls) (Brgy. Alipaoy)
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In Barangay Marikit, is a blessed with natural attractions; a home of seven (7) unique waterfalls which could be considered as the only place in the province that could be a treasure to the Paluaneos. Local government and local tourism office are encouraged to invest in the road improvements to connect local tourism opportunities in the areas. Despite it, the local tourism industry in this town has a lot of potentials.  

 Alitao Waterfall  (Barangay Marikit) 
📸 VJ Quinones
Lubinasan Falls and Sacred River
📸 VJ Quinones
Diyagga Falls  (Barangay Marikit)
📸 VJ Quinones
Biag-Dagat Falls (Barangay Marikit)
📸 VJ Quinones
Bisay ni Siparyak (Siparyak Falls) -(Barangay Marikit)
📸 VJ Quinones
Bisay ni Karawkaw (Karawkaw Falls) (Barangay Marikit)
📸 VJ Quinones
Paragon Falls (Barangay Marikit)
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The closest way to reach the Municipality of Paluan is to reach Batangas Port. There are Bus (Ceres, RORO Bus) which directly travel to Occidental Mindoro on a daily schedule. Look for a bus terminal in Cubao, Pasay or Sampaloc in Manila. 

If you're taking a direct journey from Manila, you may get off to Town of Mamburao at Integrated Terminal. Then, Ride a Van, jeepney or Bus going to the small town of Paluan.

For Backpackers with a start point of Batangas Port, should purchase a ship ticket (RORO) going to Abra de Ilog Port. Then, catch up a Bus, Van or any kind of available transportation going to Mamburao Integrated Terminal. Get on to a Bus, jeepney or Van bound for Paluan Town

There is available Airline flight bound for Occidental Mindoro (San Jose) for those not comfortable with a long ride (Bus Plus Ship). The flight is available from Manila and Clark bound for San Jose. Then, Take sa short tricycle ride going to the Bus terminal. Catch up a Bus or Van going to Mamburao or Abra de Ilog. Get Off  to Mamburao Integrated Terminal; then, Get on to a Bus, jeepney or Van bound for Paluan Town



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  1. i didn't know there are waterfalls down there. i visited two years ago but Calawagan was undergoing construction- i have to rush back to Mamburao as the last jeep leaves after lunch.. luckily i learned that trikes can take you back to Maburao for 500 pesos. There didn't seem to be an accomodation for those who want to stay overnight. If you know of one please let me know. I'd like to try the water falls.