Sambal Cumi (Chilli in squid) of Wonogiri, Indonesia

Sambal Cumi is a combination of unique Indonesian flavors mixed with fresh sliced tomatoes, traditional sugar (Gula Jawa), terasi, ginger, garlic, onions, seasonings, Indonesian Chili and sliced Cumi (squid). The taste is little sweet, sour and spicy that could be mixed in the rice or dip with tofu, chicken or anything you want to mix with it.

Most of the Asian countries love spicy food so much. Here in Indonesia, Chilli is the most consumed cooking ingredients in the country with a lot of varieties of ways to cook in different Provinces that became their own Identity. The powerful spices will make you sweat even you just sit on your chair once you try this very interesting food. ENAK BANGET!  

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