Must Try: Seafoods in Kota Pacitan, Indonesia

Pacitan Is located in the East part of Java Island in Indonesia. It was also very famous in terms of beautiful Beaches. It is a small City but very sustainable especially with their plates of seafood harvests that should try when you visit this City. 

1. Sweet and Spicy Lobster ala Pak Edwin

Sweet and Spicy Lobster is one of the best seafood I had tasted in Kota Pacitan. Thanks to my fellow friends to bring me to the restaurant close to the Kota Pacitan Fish port. I still imagine the taste of sweetness and a balance of unique spices or they called "bumbu-bumbu" in Indonesian. The price is very affordable; these three medium size lobster for just a 100, 000 rupiah. Eat with rice combination and iced cold homemade tea. 

2. Sate Tuna ala Mas Imam

Must try this delicious and tastiest but very affordable sweet and spicy Tuna barbeque of Kota Pacitan in Jawa Timur. Tuna Barbeque can be order s much as 8, 000 rupiah or.50 US dollar per stick in the restaurant near the fish port. Pacitan is very famous not just in beautiful beaches but also to the cheapest kinds of seafood price. Enak Banget!  

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