The funny moment of eating Mie Ayam Bakso in Kota Pacitan, Indonesia

During my first travel to Kota Pacitan, I search the best Mie Ayam Bakso in the City since this local food is one of my favorite kind of noodles to eat in Indonesia. One of the local stores appeared. At lunch, I and my friend went to the food stall and order the best serve. a while our order was served in our table together cold iced tea.

Upon first taste,  I realized that it is too different from the one I taste in Wonogiri Regency. Then, ask my friend why my ordered noodles taste too salty and I cannot imagine how can I finish the serving. But same taste also served to him; later on, my friend talk to the seller about the taste and he replied, Ya! here in Pacitan, people love the salty foods that's why it served as it is. We ended up asking plain soup or Kuah to adjust the taste to make it balance with my buds.  Then, it works and became tastier !.. Enak Banget...

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