Lake Sebu | Exposing the beauty of Hikong Bente Waterfall

Hikong Bente is the 2nd majestic waterfall that can be explored in the province of South Cotabato. Located in Barangay Seloton in the small town of Lake Sebu, Hikong Bente is known to be the highest and the most beautiful among the seven magnificent waterfalls in the province with  70 feet high.  Lake Sebu is 102 kilometers or about 2 hours drive from General Santos City, the closest Airport to reach this incredible and historic place. 

At Eco tourism park, the entrance fee will be collected by the Officer. Watch out for souvenir shops and friendly encounter often times with the monkeys which normally playing on the paved road while some hanging around the trees. Reaching Hikong Bente is not so hard as expected,   just take a walk through 776 steps trail down towards the view deck. Afraid of heights? you can also easily hire a motorcycle from the entrance or drive down to reach the main deck. The road is totally concrete, but ensure to check your brake; passing a zigzag and elevated route is not easy. 

If you are looking into an unforgettable and adrenaline experienced, the best way to reach the Hikong Bente is to hang with 1.160 kilometers Zipline. At first, take a smooth ride experience with a distance 740 meters ZipLine; considered as the highest in Southern East Asia; enough to give you the best aerial shot of the Waterfalls.  After touchdown, another 420 meters Zipline awaits for a second ride until reaching the final stop. From there, a short walk throughout the paved route down to the mainstream of Hikong Bente. 

The Closest Airport to reach the small town of Lake Sebu is General Santos International Airport. From there, take a taxi ride going to Gensan Bulaong Integrated Bus Terminal, then catch up a Bus going to Surallah, South Cotabato, travel time approximately 4-5 hours. Get off to Surallah Bus Terminal, then catch up a Jeepney / Van bound for Lake Sebu, then, ask your driver to get you off to the seven falls crossing; big signage on the left of the highway going up to the Eco-park. Hire a motorcycle at the crossing to reach the waterfalls.

From Davao City

Catch up a BUS from Davao Ecoland Terminal bound for Koronadal City / Surallah; Yellow Bus line offers a Non-stop Ride; travel time takes 5 hours.  Get off the Koronadal City (Marbel)/ Surallah Terminal, then, look for a Van/jeepney terminal bound for Lake Sebu. Trip schedule is limited (5am to 5pm), make sure that you packed early. Aks your driver to drop you off to Eco-Park crossing in Barangay Seloton, then, hire a motorcycle to reach your destination. 

* Transportation back to the main road is limited; better to hire a motorcycle back and forth. 
* Jeepney/Van only reachable at the highway from 5 o'clock in the morning up to 5 o'clock in the evening schedule of the trip is unpredicted.
* Entrance Fee 
    Adult    - P20.
    Students  - P10.00 (bring your school ID)
    Senior Citizen - P15.00 (bring your SC ID)
    Children below 12 year Old  - P5.00
* Zipline Rate  - P250 pesos per Person (weekdays); P300 pesos (weekend) 



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