Lake Sebu | The Summer Capital of South Cotabato

Lake Sebu is a first class Municipality and a home of more the eighty thousand people covered by the province of South Cotabato, Philippines. Nested with natural beauty, surrounded by hills, mountainous landscapes and virgin thick forests covering 42,450 hectares land area. It is also a home of several Indigenous tribes (T’boli, Ubo, Tiruray, and Manobos), maintain their cultural identity and known for their unique skills in weaving, brass casting, and fishing activities. The community living on the lake shore engaged in aquaculture, mainly produce Tilapia and other freshwater harvests while the Agriculture sector contributes the major shares to their economy.

Hikong Alo
Lake Sebu is on the border beside the town of Surallah, Tiboli (South Cotabato Province) and Sto. Nino town (way going to Sultan Kudarat province). The climate condition is cool; no doubt that Lake Sebu is the most visited place during summer and known to be the Summer Capital of Southern Mindanao with booming Natural Tourism spot. Do not miss to visit the seven Majestic waterfalls, Historical rivers, springs, the natural Lakes and the Ecotourism Parks.

Hikong Bente 

The Seven Majestic Waterfalls
1. Hikong Alo is the widest waterfalls and the most accessible in seven waterfalls with  35 feet high. 

2. Hikong Bente is the highest and the most stunning in all seven waterfalls with 70 feet high. Reach by passing 776 concrete stairways from Hikong Alo. It can be also by Vehicles; perfect view at the deck. 

3. Hikong B’lebel is 20 feet high, in between the cliff of the cascading waters of Hikong Lowig. This waterfall is not very accessible to the tourist unless,

4. Hikong Lowig is 40 feet high that streams directly to Hikong Ukol but, reaching it requires much effort passing slippery rocks considering that tails are extremely dangerous and not very Accessible to reach by the tourist. Local Guide is a must.

5. Hikong Ukol is a 50 feet high; enough to generate powerful pouring water. Needs extra care passing to the slippery and difficult trails. One mistake will get you to fall in the threshold. 

6. Hikong Kifo-I has a wide natural pool at the threshold, but swimming is not recommended due to strong water current from the 10 feet, 90 degrees height.

7. Hikong Tonok is 35 feet high flowing to a three-tier cascading waterfall streaming towards the rock that creates unusual sound.

The Lakes of Lake Sebu
Lake Sebu is the largest amongst the three Lakes with 354 hectares, where the name of the town coming from. Apart from the source of Livelihood, this lake is also considered as the most important role, in which irrigations and water supplies directly flow towards agricultural farmland in the Province.   

Lake Seloton is the perfect place to witness the unbeatable Lake Sunrise. It is the second biggest covering 48 hectares including the wetlands and the deepest amongst the lakes in Lake Sebu town.

Lake Lahit is the smallest of the three lakes covering an approximate 24 hectares. It is considered as the cleanest since the fish cage has a restriction and everyone can enjoy a free fishing activity while doing a picnic at the lake shore. 

Daily flights available from  Manila, Cebu, Ilo-Ilo bound for General Santos City International Airport. Take a Taxi ride (30 minutes) from the Airport to reach Bulaong Integrated Bus Terminal, then, catch up a bus bound for Koronadal City (previously known as Marbel), a  Non-Stop Bus ride gets you a more comfortable journey (1 hour). Get off to Koronadal City Terminal, or ask your driver to drop you off to Lake Sebu Terminal at the Highway, then, take a Van ride bound for Lake Sebu (1 and a half hours). 

Surallah Town is the closest Terminal, but the schedules of Jeepney/Van going to Lake Sebu are limited; At Bulaong Terminal in General Santos  City, catch up a BUS bound for Surallah (2 hours). Get off to Surallah Grand Terminal. Then, take a VAN or Jeepney to reach the town of Lake Sebu (1 hour). Make Sure that you arrive early as you can since the trip schedule is unpredicted. The last trip schedule going to Lake Sebu is six (6) in the evening.  

From Davao City
Reach Davao Ecoland Terminal, then catch up a BUS bound for Koronadal City / Surallah. A non-stop Bus may get you a comfortable ride (more or less 5 hours). Upon arrival at the Koronadal City (Marbel)/ Surallah Terminal, get on to Van/jeepney bound for Lake Sebu. 

Stroll around the Town of Lake Sebu;
The best transportation inside lake Sebu is the Habal-Habal or Motorcycle. You can hire for a day with a driver or do a regular fare per trip. Jeepney is only available passing on the National Road (Surallah - Lake Sebu -  Surallah). You can reach Surallah also by hiring a motorcycle once you missed the last trip.



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