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Panabo City - one of the fastest growing cities in the province of Davao Del Norte, located in between Davao City and Tagum City. Not so famous in terms of tourism spots compared to neighboring towns like Samal Island, Tagum and Davao City, but there are places that families and colleagues can be enjoyed with the lesser budget to spend; one of that is the Bay Walk!

Bay Walk in the morning
Like many places in the country, Bay walk is the best spot for witnessing the rising sun or even do regular exercise; in the sense enjoying the fresh air while listening to the mood of the ocean.  Not far, it is undeniable that the city’s economy gets going better as the busy port gives a spectacular view of the Bay. Looking to the Ocean, fish cages aligned at par where the Department of Agriculture and Mari-culture provides a livelihood to more than 50 aquaculture farmers raising prawns, milkfish and other first-class harvests.

Fishing in the Bay
Enjoy fishing in the bay for free. As I visit twice this month, people came to the bay before sunrise and sunset for fishing; some used fishing rods but most using of fishing nets. Watching them is really fun looking at how they enjoyed their day with their catch. Hire a boat if you wish to enjoy fishing in the deeper water or closer to the fish cages. The boat can be rented at the fish port or to the fisher folks which cost you just P150 ($3) to P500 ($9) pesos for a day.

Dine at BSK Restaurant
There are cottage resorts around the bay, but amongst my favorite is the BSK restaurant that served best grilled and "kilaw" (a raw seafood dish prepared) managed by the fisher folks association. Will assure you that all the food served on your plate is a fresh catch. Also, try their delicious “puto maya” (a kind of sweetened rice cake) paired with hot native chocolate called “tabliya” or served with coffee in the morning. From there, you will also notice several fish ponds at the back of the restaurant. watch out various types of migratory birds enjoyed seeking their food to eat at the fish pond.

Bay Walk at Night
Bay walk gives more life to the locals, another story to tell when the sun is down. A night of opportunity for the vendors to make money from their small businesses. Food Stalls is like a mushroom, gradually outsourced in the afternoon; preparing their things before the dark while tables and chairs are set up; getting ready for the comings of the customers. No Bar at the Bay walk area,  but you can order street foods, snacks, cold beer and other beverages from the stalls in affordable price. Bringing food is also allowed but to make sure that waste must properly dispose or should bring it back home. A wise budget spending with equal result happiness? Bay walk is a worth place for it.


Panabo City is 23 kilometers away from the closest airport, Davao (F. Bangoy) International Airport and; 23 kilometers from Tagum City by passing AH26 Daang Maharlika highway/PAN-Philippine highway and very accessible to reach using the Public Utility vehicle (BUS, VAN, Jeepney). 

From Davao City
Get a taxi or jeepney ride going to the Davao Ecoland Terminal, or Buhangin Bus stop (at the Gym). Catch up a Bus or Van bound for Tagum City, an 83 kilometer or two (2) hours ride from Ecoland; fare ranging P80 - P110. If you’re from the Airport, just take a short walk going to the highway; Bus stop is in the front of Jose Maria College (at 7/11). 

From Tagum City
A tricycle ride to reach Tagum City Grand Terminal. From there, catch up a Bus or Van bound for Davao City then get off to Panabo City Integrated Terminal; an hour commuter ride (23 kilometers) with fare ranging P50 - P60 pesos. 

At Panabo City
Get off to Panabo City Integrated Terminal. From there, ride a tricycle or hire a motorcycle to reach the Bay Walk. Fare rate may differ on your bargaining; oftentimes, city drivers are asking a higher fare than their tariff.



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