SAN JOSE | The splendid beauty of Inasakan Beach

Inasakan Beach is formerly known as "Mina De Oro Beach" characterizing as white powdery sand with a crystal clear dense of water and less crowded that makes the best place gets your time off to relax. Located in Ilin Island, the largest amongst the island covered by San Jose in Occidental Mindoro with ten small communities. This island is also a home endangered species called the cloud rat or famously known as a Cloud Runner "Crateromys Paulus', found through a dead specimen in 1981.

The best time to head on to the Inasakan Beach is by early morning whereas the waves still small. Heading at noon will take you a bumpy boat ride with longer travel time for almost two (2) hours. However, ensure that all your gadget is sealed while your belongings must be stowed properly since the water conditions are not predictable.  

Entrance fee is P20 pesos ($.40 cents) each person. Unlike other Beach Resorts in Ilin Island, the Inasakan Beach are less developed, the cottages are built with light materials which provide the natural background of the shores. Renting cottages (600 pesos) is optional, but recommended to get one especially for those groups planning for overnight. But, the best choice to stay overnight is by tent since the beach only has an open cottage. No Electricity in Inasakan Beach, it is assumed that all gadgets and extra batteries are fully charged before head on to the beach. Meanwhile, the latrine is very basic. means that you will experience and enjoy the ordinary activities in your exploration. 

It is advisable to pack your foods and beverages since the beach doesn’t have dining facilities. I suggest you buy their fresh catch in the morning at the shore since most of the people here in the Island were engage in fishing and seaweed farming. They allow you to use their basic cooking facility, especially for grilling. Then, try their fresh coconut juice right from the trees; this will definitely help you to re-hydrate from the heat exposure. Locals are very friendly and hospitable, just in case, they are very much open to help to buy your goods. 

One of the aspects of traveling in Occidental Mindoro is that the cost is very much affordable for a local tourist.  San Jose owns an airport with the regular schedule of promo on airfare; a Seaport with direct access to neighboring Islands, and; Land transportation Terminals with much-improved services which are really important for most of the travelers.

San Jose (SJI) has an Airport with a scheduled flight from Manila (NAIA 3) and Clark International Airport. From the Airport, Hire a tricycle to take you to Caminawit Port. Then, hire a boat to reach Inasakan Beach.

Land Travel
Schedule of Door to Door Buses (RORO Bus & CERES)  bound for San Jose (Occidental Mindoro) are available in Pasay City, Sampaloc, Cubao and Alabang terminals. Book a ticket (including ferry) before you get into the Terminal especially during long weekend/ Holidays. From there, Bus will take a nine (9) hours travel to reach San Jose. 
  • From Batangas City
You can access two routes to reach San Jose, ferry passing for Abra de Ilog, and/or; Calapan City. Both routes are accessible to public transportation vehicles. At first, look for the ticket booth and get the ferry ticket before entering at the passenger terminal, then wait for your boarding announcement. Travel time for the ferry is three hours or more for Abra de Ilog while less than two (2) hours for deluxe and less than an hour for fast craft bound to Calapan City.
  • From Abra De Ilog
Small terminal located in beside of Port gate. From there, take a Bus or Van ride bound for San Jose, then, get off to the terminal. Hire a tricycle to reach Caminawit Port
  • From Calapan
From the port, Ride a tricycle going to the Bus/ Van Terminal. From there, catch up a Bus or Van bound for San Jose. Then, get off to the terminal. Hire a tricycle to reach Caminawit Port
  • At Caminawit Port
Hire a boat for 2, 000 pesos  (US$ 39) rental fee for a day with the capacity of 10 – 15 person to reach Inasakan beach.

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