Strawberry Festival in Benguet, Philippines

La Trinidad is a first class municipality and Benguet’s Capital with the population of more than 129,000.  The municipality is very famous in terms of vegetables, flowers  and strawberry plantations, no wonder, this place earning its namesake “ the Strawberry capital in the Philippines” and the home of the Strawberry Festival held annually.  Located in the central portion of Benguet, Tublay (northeast), Sablan (West), Itogon (southeast), Tuba (southwest) and Baguio City in the south.  

Characterized with mountainous  hills hosted several kinds of springs, rivers and awesome creeks. The Balili river is one of it, served with the important role in the drainage system of the municipality. The climate is in coronas system classification with the wet and dry type of season. Except from strawberries, La Trinidad is also a major supplier of cut flower in the country.

Strawberry festival is an awaited event and  long celebration in the province of Benguet, Philippines. This festival was celebrated since 1981 attended by thousands of local and foreign tourist.  Several activities will be showcased in this event such as multicultural celebration, biggest and sweetest strawberry, flower arrangement contest, entertainment, fun run and more. 

Should not missed the most await highlight of the festival, the Street Dance and floating parade, search for Mr. and Ms. La Trinidad and the Giant Strawberry Cake.  The town records for baking of the world’s largest strawberry shortcake at 21, 213.40 pounds or 9622.24 kilo grams in the year 2004 landed on the Guinness Book of Record.  The strawberry lane is an another fun and exciting activities that tourist who wish to be part of.  Watch out for the trade fair, visit and contribute to the income of every farmer by purchasing their harvests, awesome foods and experience their local traditions.

Catch up or book a Bus ticket from major Bus Terminal in Metro Manila bound for Baguio City. Get off to Baguio City Terminal. From there, catch up a jeep to reach La Trinidad.  

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