Beni's Watersports Resort in Sta. Cruz, Occidental Mindoro

Beni’s Watersports is the newest attraction situated in Barangay Barahan, Sta. Cruz; a first class municipality in the Island Province of Occidental Mindoro with a more than 37 thousand population. Located in between in the provincial capital of Mamburao (about 35 kilometers) and the municipality of Sablayan (more or less 44 kilometers), reachable by any public transportations passing a Mindoro west coastal Road. The road was fully improved which takes you to a lovely road tripping with great views wherever you look around, plus the traffic-free experience.   

Bring your friend and family here! They will definitely have fun and enjoy numerous water activities like Jet Ski, banana boat ride and more. The beach features the black sand with clear ocean water and the spectacular panoramic view of the sunset is expected to experience as the day ends.   

The place has beautiful cottages, umbrella hut and surrounds by trees. They also have a standby Lifeguard and friendly personnel who are very willing to assist you in your ride. This newly open attraction hopes not just by boosting the local tourism in the town but also gives a sustainable livelihood in the community.

Occidental Mindoro can be reached by Air via San Jose Airport (SJI) in the Business district of San Jose. From there, a short tricycle ride heading to the Bus/ Van Terminal. Then, Catch up the schedule of Bus/Van bound for Sta. Cruz, Mamburao or Abra De Ilog. It is 112 kilometers commuter ride passing the town of Sablayan, while the barangay Barahan is situated before you reach the Sta. Cruz downtown.

If you wish to visit Occidental Mindoro via land travel, reach the gateway of Abra De Ilog Port accessible by ferry from the Batangas Port. From the port, catch up a Bus/ van bound for Sablayan or San Jose. Then, get off to Barangay Barahan (7 kilometers away from Sta. Cruz downtown).

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