Things to DO in the volcanic Island of Camiguin

Camiguin is an island province in the Northern part of Mindanao, Philippines; it is a volcanic island and the second smallest province in the country. Camiguin is derived from the word "Kamagong", pertaining to the species of the tree that flourish near Lake Mainit, closely known to the local people, the Manobo as Kamigin. Blessed with natural and historical places, Camiguin is one of the best provinces that worthwhile to visit during long holidays. Here is why this province is one of the most visited places in the country.

Explore the Mountains
Camiguin Island is very famous in its beautiful mountains, hikers and tourist are fascinated to catch the astonishing background of it. But those mountains are not sleeping, Mt. Hibok Hibok is an active volcano classify as stratovolcano with prominently displayed as 1,332 meters elevation and 10 kilometers size of its base.

This volcano is relatively a piece of the ring of fire and has erupted in the early 1950s. Reaching the summit takes four to five hours, but the great surprise is the breathtaking scenery of the entire Camiguin and the neighboring Province. Directly coordinate to the Tourism office and the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources if you wish to hike.

Aside from that sweet mountain, another natural and interesting masterpiece that could be ramble is the Mt. Vulcan as part of volcanic edifices along with seven mountains surround mount Hibok Hibok. Mt. Vulcan is feasible for new hikers, it has a less and has a light trek compare to Mt. Hibok Hibok. Along the way, notice the station of the cross, the events of Jesus Christ was crucified.   There is no permit needed in Mt. Vulcan with likely an hour hike.

The Mt. Hibok Hibok stood at the center while stratovolcano is the friendly neighborhood

The Appealing Islands 
In terms of Island Beaches, Camiguin is not left behind on that: it is bound not just the mountain views but also the two beautiful islands that tag a "must go places" in the region.

Mantigue Island - It is intriguing how beautiful to stay on this Island before the trip. After reading several articles about this Island, make this travel adventure more exciting.  For those having so affection with salt waters, then, these places are right for you. Pretty sure that crystal clear water and the fine white sand will get you to fall in love plus a reward of the rich surroundings.

Mantigue Island
The White Naked Island - When you say Camiguin, one that first mention is the White Island that the province is overrated.  It is totally naked, no trees, that Island just shows flawless and pure white powdery sandbar surrounded by clear turquoise water. It appears dramatically when low tide and the sandbar faces where the waves way going. 

This island is also a perfect venue to take a great shot of Mt. Hibok Hibok as a background. Since there is no tress to recess, be there before sunrise to prevent too much exposure from the sun’s heat. Boat for hire is available at the Mambajao beachfront for P500 pesos; good for 2 - 4 persons.

The  perfect view of Camiguin shot at the white island

The Spring Resorts 
Tired of digging into the saltwater? Camiguin Island has the answer to every type of relaxation you need. Why not try chasing and dip into hot or cold spring. Since the island is a little bit quiet at night, the best option is to enjoy the cold breeze, hang at the spring side and take a shot with a favorite drink.

Sto. NiƱo Cold Spring is one of the recommended resorts to ease anxiety while Ardent is the people's choice when it comes to the hot spring. 

The landmark - Sunken Cemetery
Sunken Cemetery is situated along the national roadway to the small town of Catarman. This site made Camiguin famous for several films used to shoot in this place.  During the volcanic eruption in the 1870s, a large volume of lava erupted into the coast and immerses areas of Catarman, including the cemetery. 

Today, a huge cross stands in the middle of the sea, but the ruins of the adversity remain under the water.  You can explore the area by hiring a boat with a guide assigned by the local government, both the cross and underwater. 

The Sunken Cemetery
The Surprising scene of  Waterfalls
To the nature lovers and waterfalls fanatics, from an easy trek to the harder one, Camiguin Island does not behind it. When it comes to lighter trek, visit the Tuasan Falls in Catarman. It is just less than 10 minutes motorcycle ride (habal-habal) from the Bura Soda Spring in Barangay Mainit. Entrance is only P20 pesos (.50$)

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If you wish to see the paradise inside and hungry to experience the fantasy of Camiguin's forest, then, visit the Katibawasan Falls. It is a 250 meters high hiding at the dense forest of Mambajao. Going in there is easy as pie; just hire a motorcycle for five (5) minutes travel down to the main entrance of the falls.

One of the favorites that should visit is the Binangawan Waterfall located in the highland of Sagay. This is the exact place for the climbing enthusiast with a harder trek and difficult steep. Visit this waterfall during summer for the new hikers. 

Diving and Snorkeling with the Marine Wildlife
Once you're in Camiguin, do not waste the opportunity to experience the beauty of Island underwater. One of the famous diving sites is the Burias Shoal; it is a natural reef with large collections of corals and varieties of colorful fish.     

Giant Clam Nursery Kaliba Beach is known for the Giant Clam Conservation and Ocean Nursery in Mindanao flourishing 2,600 clams with nine different species and counting. A sanctuary of Clams can be explored around the beach waters through the assistance of the tour guide. For those who don't want to dig into the water, portions of giants live Clams perceived also at the beach area as part of the exhibit. 

The Lanzones Festival 
Lanzones Festival is an annual event held every third week of October, in celebration of the good harvest of Lanzones in the Province. Lanzones is a variety of fruit growing all over the Island soil with the sensational sweetness that only Camiguin can produce. 

Thousands of tourists flock to Camiguin to witness the unique highlights of the festival such as street dancing, parties, beauty pageant, cultural show trade fair and more. 

Camiguin has own airport but has limited flight schedules and routes. You may book a flight going to the neighbor airport (Laguindingan airport -CGY ) with a daily schedule of flight from (Luzon – NAIA, Clark); (Visayas – Cebu, Ilo-ilo, Bacolod) (Mindanao – Davao City, Siargao, Zamboanga). From there, catch up a Bus or Van bound to reach Cagayan De Oro City/ Agora Integrated Bus Terminal; travel time is more or less two (2) hours.

At the Bus terminal, Catch up a Bus bound for Gingoog or Butuan City/ Surigao City, then, get off to Balingoan Grand Terminal; travel time would be less than two (2) hours. Have a short walk to reach the Balingoan Port.  Then, get a Ferry ticket and wait for the boarding announcement to reach Camiguin Island. Once you reached the Camiguin Port (Guinsiliban or Benoni), hire a motorcycle or tricycle to reach your first stop.

You may also reach Camiguin Island through land travel from Zamboanga City, Davao City and Surigao City/ Butuan City, and;  there is a ferry schedule in Bohol Province Port and Cebu City headed to Camiguin.

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