The Masjid Tiban, Indonesia

Malang is not just famous with regards to beautiful beaches in Java Island in Indonesia but a home of numerous mythological and religious spots. In a typical rainy night, one spot took my attention through a late-night local travel show about this mysterious mosque, the Masjid Tiban; located in the Turen district, Kabupaten Malang (regency), this viral mosque lies in mystical stories from its construction and I was very intrigued about this myth, where even known outside the East Java locals. According to the myth, this 10-story mosque was built by the powerful Jinn forces overnight and it suddenly appeared without noticing by the locals. So, I decided to head on the exact location during my free weekend to see how it was made.

Turen district is about 30 kilometers or less than an hour's drive from the City of Malang passing Jl. Kolonel Sugiono with a very accessible road while using a motorcycle is the fastest way to get to the Tiban Mosque. Behind the mystical story, this mosque was actually built by the Santri in 1978 as the Bihaaru Salafiyah Islamic Boarding School in Bahri'asali Fadlaailir Rahmah through a human technology and a mindful concept. Tiban Mosque is designed with a variation of calligraphy in gold lines, distinct shapes, colorful walls, and unusual patterns.  

Today, the Tiban Mosque attracts more tourists and catches public attention but the management refused to belong to tourist locations and they are committed to maintain this solemn and place for the congregation to visit under the Bihaaru Salafiyah Islamic Boarding School Bahri'asali Fadlaailir Rahmah.

The Masjid Tiban has a fairytale-like structured building in which every tourist will be amazed by its architectural designs and a variety of room with plenty of activities could be experienced inside.  Once visiting this place, visitors must be aware that this is a home of a religious boarding school and begging for maintaining a behave environment and the cleanliness.  Inside will be found rooms for several architectural designs, science-related, ornamental plants, souvenir shops, food court and aquatic experiences with a mixed set up from China, the Middle East, and Asia. All the spots whenever you put your camera is indeed beautiful.  

The Tiban Mosque was built by Father Kiai Ahmad which starts in 1978 but until then, the constructions along with the premises still ongoing seems like this holy place became bigger and greater.  It was open to the public over the years while the overwhelming visitors flock during Islamic holidays and long weekends.

Book a flight from Jakarta/ Denpasar bound for Malang City. At the airport, hire a taxi to reach the Masjid Tiban in Turen District of Malang Regency (Kabupaten Malang).

Malang is also reachable via land travel from any provinces in Java Island. Book a ticket online or at the train station near you bound for Malang (Kepanjen station). from there, hire a motorcycle and head on to Masjid Tiban located in Jl. Anggur, Sananrejo, Kec. Turen, Malang, Jawa Timur.

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