Things to Do in Santo Tomas, Davao Del Norte

Bananas haven, first impression that you will say when entering the municipality of Santo Tomas.  Previously known as Tibal-og, home of the "tribong lumad" called Ata-Manobo inhabited in the lush forest in current days.  Located in between the municipality of Kapalong (north), Davao City (west), Asuncion (east) and Kapalong on the east side; this town is one of the fastest growing municipality in Davao Del Norte province in which economy is dependent in the multi-national corporations and cooperatives connected to banana based production while rice is very significant in helping the economic development of the community.

Hike at Sto. Tomas Mountains

For hiking enthusiast, Santo Tomas has beautiful mountains views that really enjoyable to climb, the Mount Megatong. This mighty mountain has 1,876 heights, enough to find a perfect panoramic view of the whole province and the neighboring mountains, the Mt. Apo (highest in the Philippines) and the White Peak.  Trekking is not so extreme which is the perfect ground for fully pack adventure and very accommodating for first-time hikers. Get engaged with the respected indigenous people of Mandaya Tribe living around the mountain.

The Inland Resorts

Since Santo Tomas is a bit far from the coastline, several private businesses put up an inland resort which can be enjoyed anywhere in the town. Here are some famous inland resort suited for family bonding and gatherings.  
  • Aloha Inland Resorts - located in Marscon, Santo Tomas features the airplane slide and big pool and room accommodations. It is about 23 kilometer or more than 30-minute ride from Panabo City. 
  • Amako Inland Resort  - located 25 kilometers from Panabo City; situated at the Fd road in downtown Santo Tomas, this resort features the serenity pool
  • Jericho Grandalay Inland Resorts - located at Feeder Road 1, Santo Tomas, this resort has kids and adult poolside. it is  35 kilometers from Panabo City, and; 33 kilometers from Kapalong, this resort 
  • Coolen Garden and Inland Resorts - located in Feeder Road 5, this resort features the large size pool with a bolt of colorful lightning underwater at night.

The Mini Zoo

Located in Barangay Katipunan, JK Mercado & Sons, Inc. is one of the largest producers of Cavendish bananas in the Region and behind the establishment of a Mini Zoo and wildlife rescue center. The Mini Zoo is currently a home of more than 2000 Crocodylus porosus species, over 80 ostriches, and; 300 individuals of 10 different collections of species. This place has a great setting for tourist and educational tours engaging with the endemic animal in a peaceful and environmentally significance.    

Where to stay in Santo Tomas

Santo Tomas is a first class Municipality doing its best to in terms of its development and numerous hotels offering excellent services for those who wish to stay and explore the town. Citi Star Hotel is located at the 3rd Floor of the CitiStar Bldg., Rd. 1, Brgy. Tibal-og is a luxury hotel with an overlooking view of the downtown. Room rate is less than ranging 1,200 (standard) up to 2, 000 (deluxe) pesos, a fair price per night. 

Where to Eat and others

Food searching is not a problem in Santo Tomas. here are recommended places you can dine: Hotsticks Grill Restaurant, BERNS Santo Tomas, Sito's- Sto. Tomas, and; Jaybees Restaurant with all served in Filipino dish from seafood to backyard harvest. Enjoy your night at the Limits Bar while Ebao Garden is a place for those who loved Arts & Entertainment.

Catch up a jeepney or hire a taxi to reach the Ecoland Terminal in Davao City. At the terminal, look for the bus going to Santo Tomas, get on and wait for departure. Travel time via Panabo/Carmen takes two hours or more; then, get off to Santo Tomas downtown. 

You may also reach Santo Tomas via Tagum City
Catch up a Bus from Tagum City Grand Terminal bound for Santo Tomas. Travel time via Kapalong takes two hours or more. Then, get off to Santo Tomas downtown. 

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