Things to DO, Places to visit in Pacitan, Indonesia

Pacitan is Regency located in the southwestern of East Java Province in Indonesia with a neighboring Regency of Wonogiri and Ponorogo, Trenggalek Regency; this province is known for its beaches in the side of East Java. Pacitan City served as the main hub of the regency and a seafood basket of the province with a long stretch of coastline fronting the Indian Ocean. People are using Javanese as their first language; Bahasa Indonesia (national language) is the second while English used by few.

The Beaches
To those Beach and surfing enthusiast, this Coastal Regency has 17 beautiful beaches form the west coast stretch down to the north side of the regency’s coastline. Although few of the beaches literally known, the big potentials can be considered for domestic and international tourism, especially in big surfing events that could possibly an alternative place for Bali. Most of the beach is categorize as white sand white while the scenery of rock formations gives an instagramable landscape. 

  • Teleng Ria Beach is considered as one of the most visited beaches by the locals; too crowded during holidays and weekend. Encourage you to be here on weekdays. - located in Desa Widoro, Kecamatan Donorejo this is one of the best spots in surfing for beginners with an entrance fee of Rp20,000 (US$1.50). The best month for the surfer to visit from November to February.

  • Pancer Beach – situated in Sidoharjo village of Pacitan regency, the easternmost part of Teleng Ria Beach facing the Indian Ocean and relatively close to the downtown. In the weekend is really crowded with buses full of domestic and international tourists. Unlike the typical beaches, wearing clumsy beach attire will take you on the hot spot. Entrance fee is IDR4, 000 to IDR5, 000 (less than US$1) for children and adults.   
  • Klayar Beach is a “must-see” beach in Pacitan. Located in the Kalak Village, Donorojo district, this beach has white sand, a sphinx of rock formations and a huge of waves that bounce into the rock that create fountain-like effects. Goingund here is not a problem, road signs installed in every crossroads from the main city. Entrance fee is IDR10, 000 (less than US$1).  

  • Buyutan Beach is one of the unspoiled beaches around the Pacitan Regency. Still considered clean and still hidden from the tourist due to its challenging road condition and underdeveloped establishments inside the area. Despite its condition, this beach will give you the breathtaking views of the sunset, amazing the rock formation and of course the clouds of waves. Buyutan Beach is located in Dusun Tumpak Watu, Desa Widoro, Kecamatan Donorojo

  • Srau Beach – This humid and long stretch of coastlines is absolutely beautiful in any other beaches that can be found in Pacitan Regency. The best month to catch the waves from November o February. Srau Beach is located in Candi, Pringkuku, Area Peswahan, less than 15 minutes scooter ride from the main city of Pacitan.  
  • Watu Karung Beach is known for rocky beach and likely the Raja Ampat of East Java. If you wish to experience the breathtaking 360 degrees panoramic views of the Pacitan coastline, then head on to this area and this is truly the best for you. Going uphill is not as easy as pie, the trail is a bit challenging but passable for those who want to experience a nice view which takes less than 20 minutes hike going to the top. Later, the priceless reward from a high peak washes away your sweat. For surfers, the best month to visit this place from April to October.
  • Banyu Tibo Beach: swimming are sometimes prohibited due to its strong current of waves. This is the place that you can just enjoy the breeze and its beautiful landscape while sitting on your mattress. The Entrance fee is IDR5, 000 and another IDR10, 000 for the vehicle (less than US$1). To be here, you need to take a mountainous route with a smooth ride.

The Caves
Aside from beaches, Pacitan owns the most precious 1001 caves limestone karst and I gladly visited one of those, the Gong Cave. It is considered as one of the exotic cave in Java Island with surprising depth (360m) and 5 unique polls. The locals believed that each poll has a miracle story, likens of healing diseases. Gong Cave has stalactite and stalagmite which rarely seen in any other caves in South East Asia. Passing a paved road, you can easily get here by hiring a motorcycle. Entrance Fee is IDR12, 000 (less than US$1) and several facilities can be used inside the Area. 

The Pacitan Square
Pacitan Square is a public park where you can engage with locals by doing several activities, chatting and a place to relax. Try the best street food along the Park at night; small entrepreneurs setting up their stalls before the sundown. Also, several commercial and local cuisine can be found around the corner serving local and Javanese food. 


Pacitan Regency relatively has a distance from the Big Cities with an Airport; Solo - Adi Sumarno Airport; Yogyakarta -  Adisucipto International Airport. The only ways to reach the Pacitan Regency is to take a land trip.

From Yogyakarta
Access to Pacitan takes almost 4 hours to ride by Minibus if you book from the travel Agency.  At early morning, you may also head on to the main terminal at Giwangan and look for the Bus lane bound for Pacitan; no fixed trip schedule and takes longer travel time (5-6 hours). It is also Advise to book a ticket ahead of your trip. if you wish to Rent A, there are several booths at the Airport Arrival Area.  
From Solo
Take a taxi ride from the Aiport going to Terminal Tirtonadi, Solo then look for Aneka Jaya Bus bound for Pacitan with a limited trip schedule which takes hours travel time. Then, get off to Pacitan Terminal. Another alternative way is to hire an Airport Taxi from Solo Adi Sumarno Airport; you don't need to negotiate with the driver since they have the fixed tariff. 


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