Top things to Do in Magetan, Indonesia

Magetan is a small city located on the border between Central and East Java in Indonesia. Not so famous with regards to tourist spots compared to the neighboring City of Pacitan, Malang or Yogyakarta. However, this little Regency has many romantic and hidden attractions which are very enjoyable for gatherings. Make sure to pack your thick clothes once you getting here in Magetan since this small city has a cool climate which rare to the tropical country;. Here are top tourist attractions in Magetan and it’s Regency

  • The Iconic Mount Lawu

Mount Lawu is a stratovolcano situated between the East and Central Java Boarder. This cone-like shape mountain attracts travelers and hikers flock on its top during summer. Mountain trails are very suitable for beginners who want to experience hiking. Light volcanic ash falls was last recorded in 1985; since then, Mount Lawu remains sleeping.

For hiking enthusiast, consider the Mount Lawu on your list and discover its legendary history. To make the story short, the king of the Majapahit Kingdom named Prabu Bhrawijaya V left his kingdom together with 2 followers and spend the rest of his life in this mountain.

  • Sarangan Lake

Sarangan is one of the famous lakes in Indonesia with its natural beauty located on the slope of Mount Lawu. Around 16 kilometers distance from the main city, this place has Cold temperature between 18 to 25-degrees Celcius even in summer. Visitors may explore the entire lake by renting a scooter, horseback ride or even through speed boat. There are tons of food stalls and local market where you can buy souvenirs or locally called "Oleh Oleh".

Sarangan Lake is very convenient to visit, in fact, Indonesia's Tourism Department consider this place as one of the country's wonders. With full development, Sarangan lake has a nice parking area, playground, hotels, and restaurants at the lakeside. You can also bump with the friendly and playful monkeys which literally found on the paved road.  Entrance fee and Parking Fee is around US$1. ( Entrance - Rp 10, 000) (Parking fee - Rp 2,500 - 5,000)

  • The Scenic view of Wahyu Lake

Locally known as Wurung Lake, this 10 hectares lake served as one of their fishing and camping spot by locals. Management regularly released various kinds of post-harvest fish so that every visitors will enjoy their fishing activities. Considered as a developed Area, this place is recommended for family gatherings and recreational activities. Wurung lake is sitting beside the hilly road, two kilometers from Serangan Lake.

  • Cemoro Sewu

Cemoro Sewu is one of the routes used by many hikers going to Mount Lawu. Although not many attractions in this area, it is still considered as a must-visit place in Magetan for its natural scenery, chilling weather; your hot coffee just takes a minute to drink.

There are few stores around the area which mostly served food. Try their best-grilled corn and the "sate klenci", a lump of meat made from the rabbit. Aside from the views, you can also experience strawberry picking available from the Farm. Their price may vary according to market demand from a dollar or two. (Rp 5,000 - Rp30,000).

  • Tirtasari Waterfalls

Tirtasari Waterfall landscape is naturally beautiful and the cool weather will make you welcome. Featuring its clear icy cold water and a greener environment, this waterfall is the best place to spend time to escape from the sun’s heat plus the vegetable gardens, the layer of farm fields adding to its distinctive beauty.

In terms of road, this falls is very accessible; just have a short walk from the main entrance and you be there to refresh. Entrance fee is below UD$1 (Rp 7,000) per person. You can ride a horse if you wish to explore more about the location. 

  • Explore the cascading Pundak Kiwo Waterfalls

Another tourist attraction that can be explored near Mount Lawu is the Pundak Kiwo Waterfall. Located in Desa Ngancar, this series of waterfalls from small to the biggest will take you from a different level of your Magetan's vacation experience. Going to the main falls need an extra walk, the potential of this area in boosting local tourism is big once the road going to the waterfalls is developed. Entrance fee of less than US$1 (Rp,3000), with free use of parking space, had restroom and resting area.

  • Visit the Sawo Street Souvenir Center

If you're looking for authentic souvenir items made from Magetan, then visit the Sawo street beside Tanggulangin (Sidoarjo). Magetan is famous for its handmade leather products, Sidomukti Batik, handicrafts, and other food product which is relatively cheap compared to the market. 
    • Food trip at Magetan Town Square
    Magetan Time square is the place not just to meditate but also a good choice to taste the local food at night. People in Magetan are so generous they trying hard you to understand and some of the time, they will encourage to try their local dishes. This is also the best place to catch up with the largest trees in town.

    •  Taman Genilangit

    Located in Desa Genilangit, Poncol District in Kabupaten Magetan, Taman Genilangit is the place you can take your best instagramable spot in a Bali inspired concept. If you wish to experience some adrenaline rides, then, try their "Sepeda Terbang",  a flying bicycle with an attached cable upon the ride. Taman Genilangit is good for family gatherings where the children's playground, the flower gardens, and gazebos can be enjoyed. Entrance Fee is less than US$1 (Rp. 5,000) and Parking Fee of US$1 (Rp.15,000)


    Magetan is sitting at the hilly area between Karanganyar Regency (Central Java) and  Madiun Regency (East Java). This small city has no Airport but very accessible by the Bus transport system from Karanganyar, Madiun, and Ngawi. 

    If you're coming from outside East Java, the closest Aiport to get here is in Kota Solo (Adisumarmo International Airport) with 190 kilometers approximate distance going to Magetan. From there, you can rent a cab going to the main city of Magetan. All Cabs have fix tariff which will be paid at the taxi information counter, no need to bargain. 

    You may also reach Magetan via Adisutjipto (or Adisucipto) International Airport in Yogyakarta. At the Aiport, rent a cab to reach the Train can book train ticket via online or direct purchase at the train ticketing boot. Book a train ticket bound for Madiun then wait for your boarding announcement; travel time takes less than 3 hours for an executive train. Get off to Madiun Station then look for a taxi to reach Magetan. If you're using Grab, then this App might give you a more comfortable trip.

    If you prefer a backpacking journey, then you can follow this option.

    • At the Madiun Train Station, rent a taxi or book a Grab to reach Madiun Bus Terminal and look for Magetan Lane. The bus has an alternate schedule every 1 hour. Get off to Magetan Kota. Grab App is also useful in this city.
    Where to Stay in Magetan:
    There are many Hotels can stay in Magetan Area which very close to every tourist attractions. with free WIFI, these are the recommended places with refreshing weather and panoramic views of Magetan;


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