Top Things to Do, Places to visit in Blitar, Indonesia

Around 167 kilometers away from the East Java capital of Surabaya, Blitar is a promising city situated on the southern coast of East Java in Indonesia. After the separation to Kanigoro, Blitar City was created to be the Business Hub positioned at the center of the Regency.

This strategy has given the independency of the Regency to fast track development on the southern side especially in the line of local tourism. Blitar Regency relies on agriculture base economy and small business enterprise. In fact, this regency is very famous in terms of tea plantation, expensive coffee beans, and chocolate production.

Blitar is also the hometown of first Indonesia’s President, Bung Karno; no wonder the whole Blitar built several statues by honoring him for his greatness. This place is also known for its historical attractions, beaches, and beautiful natures. Here are the things you should know before visiting Blitar Regency.  

The Penataran Temple (Penataran, Nglegok, Blitar, East Java)

Penataran Temple is situated on the slope of Mount Kelud, 12 kilometers bound to the northeast of Blitar City. This Hindu temple is remarkable in historical structure and considered one of the largest Hindu Temple Ruins in East Java. Several events transpired in this multistoried temple; the inauguration of the Kings and the legendary Vow pronounced by Gajah Mada.
Penataran temple taken at the back of the large temple

Grave of the First President of Indonesia

Soekarno’s Grave is amongst the visited places in Blitar which over 150 thousand flocks to this Regency for the pilgrimage tour to the first Indonesian president’s tomb. Soekarno’s grave is built with Javanese Architectural design in Joglo which dominates the tomb and the graveyard of Bung Karno is protected with stone walls; the only way to get in is to cross the Great Gate  (Gapura Agung). Bung Karno’s graveyard compound has Mosque, hall Buildings, Park, resting place and the museum. 

Group of students visits the Soekarno's Grave: Photo was taken at the entrance, the great gate

The Chocolate Village 

If you’re a chocolate lover, this place is a must-visit for you. Located in Plosorejo Village in Kademangan District of Blitar Regency, this place is not just a Chocolate Plantation but also a place chilling whether and a hangout place for relaxation. This Place maintains the unique setups from the Century-old building, wooden furniture, and dining motif. Entrance Fee ranging Rp15,000 (US$1) up to Rp50,000 (US$4) depends on the package you availed.  

The Coffee Karanganyar

Coffee Karangayar was established in the 16th century located in the foot of Mount Kelud, in Karanganyar village of Nglegok District in the Blitar Regency. This plantation was opened in 1874 by a dutchman which mainly produces robusta coffee and cloves and today, the coffee factory and plantation is a well-known tourist spot in the province visited by more than 100, 000 tourists each year.
Coffee Karanganyar is one of the oldest coffee museums in Indonesia lures with colonial history 

  • The Indian Village ( Dusun Bendil, Desa Jiwut, Nglegok District )

Kampung Indian is the place where you will experience to be an Indian for a day by trying the hustle-bustle of the traditional North American lifestyle. At the entrance, you will notice the tribal-like gate hanged with Indian Mask. If you wish to have an Indian experience,  you can rent their Sukuk costume at the front desk. Take a picture with your guide wearing an Indian attire and will assure you it produces an Instagramable shot. A colorful Indian house, a flower garden, and various Indian architectures can also be explored inside the village.

Also, check out the village gallery and several Indian mask replicas around the area. At the exit, a group of villagers selling souvenirs related to Indian beliefs. Getting here is very easy, Indian Village is on the right across the road before you reach the Koffee Karanganyar.

  • Fruit Picking at Karang Sari Agrotourism

Karang Sari was built in 2007 and registered in boosting the Agritourist in the City. This 5 hectares Agrofarm produces native varieties of star fruit and marked the city as one of the largest producers in the Province. Fruit picking is a famous and enjoyable activity by visitors coming here. Thereafter, the amount of harvest will be weight and pay base on the price guidelines.  If you wish to be here, Karang Wisata Agrotourism is located at Cemara Street, Blitar City. 

The Splashing Beaches

Unlike any other beaches in East Java Province, Blitar seacoast made its unique characteristic. In Pacitan, most beaches are commonly famous when it comes to Surfing. But, these two locally famous beaches in Blitar has its own way of recognizing its distinctive characteristics. Check these two beautiful Beaches in Blitar;

Umbul Beach (Sidomulyo Village of Bakung District, Blitar Regency)
  • Umbul Beach is very famous in its big waves, rock formations and panoramic cliffs; and therefore it is not a typical beach that everyone can enjoy for swimming and watersport activities. Umbul beach considered undeveloped and you need to bring all the things that you need when you hang out in this place. Although this beach is not too friendly for water activities, this beach has a waterfall attached to the cliff while the cascading water flows directly to the Ocean. Umbul beach is situated in Sidomulyo Village of Bakung District

Serang Beach (Serang Village, Panggungrejo District, Blitar Regency) 
For those who wish to enjoy the beach water in Blitar, then head on to Serang beach located in Serang Village of Panggungrejo District. This Beach has an amazing panoramic landscape, powdery white sand and flatter seashore which is perfect for sporting activities. Serang Beach also a place for a meaningful event for Javanese people around and outside the Province. They gathered on this beach for an ancient ritual called Larung Sesaji; a thanksgiving celebration and a ritual of uniting the universe and the human.

Along the beach is the fishermen village which directly engages in traditional fishing and lobster hunting. As a traveler, buying their fresh catch could help them positively, so, better take an opportunity to taste and enjoy the freshly cooked harvest purchase from the fishermen.

The Mountain

Mount Butak in Blitar regency is very popular for hikers. Stands with 2, 868 meters high above sea level, this mountain is categorically level as an active stratovolcano. Located in Semen Village of Gandungsari District, this mountain is famous for its eye-catching views from the top with beautiful scenery of the tea Garden when you look down to its slope.

For beginners, you can reach the top for more or less 10 hours trekking. If you wish to hook up here, registration must be done first at the registration office, bring a copy of your valid ID and Rp 7,000 (US$.50) payment per Hiker.

Blitar's Waterfalls

Waterfalls are very common in East Java, preferably in the neighboring City of Malang. Meanwhile, there are several waterfalls can be explored in Blitar, which only the locals have been discovered it; not yet famous but can gain attention to outside tourist plus an exertion of effort the local government to take a serious tourism plan that may help develop the road accessibility. 

  • Jurug Bening Waterfall is located along Purworejo Village, Wates District in Blitar Regency. Considered as unspoiled, this waterfall gains popularity to the locals as their weekend getaways. The water cascading through 50 meters high down to the pool-like threshold. Going to the main falls needs extra sweat; the road still considered as underdeveloped while the facilities are considered the same. 
The birds and trees serves as your music while walking towards the paved road and  enjoying the fresh air with the green scenery at same time. Parking is not a problem, the local community is very hospitable and they are willing to help you to find your parking space beside their houses.   

Tirto Galuh Waterfall is one of the unique falls that can be found in East Java. The rock formations produced mini waterfalls and making it possible to provide an amazing water flow cascading to the plateau. Visitors can reach the top while needing the extra precautions in slippery trek conditions. Unlike Jurug Bening Falls, this place has facilities but still considered as underdevelop when it comes to food stalls, resting place and cleanliness.

  • Lawean Waterfall is sitting along Kawisari Plantation in Semen Village of Gaaadungsari District. Not so famous among locals because of its low water streams but this falls has the easiest access to reach. The park may be hectic during weekends and holidays to enjoy the fresh air, greenery background of the scenery and the clear water of the falls. But then, his pupils disobeyed rules and cursed into God's fishes. 
Since then, fishing is forbidden in this place. Even in modern days, locals are still believed that fishes living in these lakes are part of the human reincarnation.  Rambut Monte Lake can be reached passing along the Sirah Kencong Tea Garden. Entrance Fee is less than US$1.  

The Caves

For Cave enthusiast, Blitar has two caves that ready for exploration. (1) Embultuk Cave has more than one kilometers length and three meters high from the entrance with an estimated three meters of water streamlines in certain locations. Situated in Tumpakkepuh Village of Bakung District, this Cave may still be considered untouched since it still not equipped with proper development.

If you wish to explore this cave, look for a local guide that can provide your needed equipment like flashlight and safety types of equipment.  (2) Another Cave which is knowingly popular for locals, the Luweng Cave. It has thirty meters deep with a great stream of clear water in the entrance, a perfect place to cool down and relax.

Luweng Cave is more famous for its waterfalls which can be explored during the poll exit.
Waterfall setting at the Luweng cave in Blitar


The closest Airport to reach Blitar regency is Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport in Malang City. From there, take a taxi ride going to Malang Train Station (you may book your train ticket via online). Blitar is also accessible by Bus from Malang City with  approxiamate 3 hours commuter ride.
Blitar is also accessible by Bus Transit or Train (Kereta Api Indonesia) from major Cities in Java Island; normally depart from Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Surabaya with several seat options. In terms of Hotels, It is recommended your booking must be around the Blitar City.  You cannot find any five star hotels in this area but some great places and clean hotels that can be booked online.


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