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Coban Rondo is one of the most beautiful and famous Waterfalls in the Malang Regency in Indonesia. Located in Batu Malang, this waterfall is estimated 84 meters high with strong water current pouring 90 to 150 liters per second; enough to give cool temperatures and maintain the greener scenery.  Coban Rondo was inaugurated as a tourism destination in 1980 where the waterfall and the natural beauty of the environment served as the main attraction.

Coban Rondo Natural Park is home to several monkeys during the time when the forest is still a virgin. In later years, monkeys are very rare to visit this place and most of the activities that can be enjoyed in this area are in line with modern days. However, Coban Rondo Waterfall remains charming with its alluring looks and still considered as a haven place providing fresh air to breathe and a great place for relaxation.

Aside from the beauty of the Waterfall landscape, this Park has installed several Bali inspired spot that provides a unique Instagram shot. One of the activities to do here is to paddle in icy cold water while sitting on the rocks and listening to the music of nature.  If you feel exhausted, need to refresh from your loaded schedule and escape from the city noises, then, Coban Rondo is one of the best alternative places for you.

Coban Rondo Waterfall is located in Pandasri Village, Pujon District, Batu Malang. It is approximately 20 kilometers or more away from Malang City which is the nearest Airport. If you are staying in Batu City, this waterfall is approximately 12 kilometers or a longer 30-minute drive going to the waterfall location.

Coban Rondo's Myth
The origin of Coban Rondo came from a new pair of courtiers who had just married a Mompelai woman named Dewl Anjarwati from Gunung Kawi who married Raden Baron Kusuma from Mount Anjasmoro.  After the marriage reached 36 days, Dewl Anjarwati invited her husband to visit Anjasmoro Mountain.  

However, Dewi Anjarwati's parents forbid the bride and groom to leave because it was just stiff.  But both of them insisted on going away with all the risks whatever happened on the trip. When on the way, both were surprised by the presence of Joko Lelono whose origins were unclear. It seems that Joko Lelono was captivated by Dewi Anjarwati's beauty and tried to seize it.  

Fighting could not be avoided to the accompanying punokawan Raden Baron advised that Dewi Anjarwati be hidden in a place with Cobanans (waterfalls), the fight went on exciting and finally, both died, thus Goddess Anjarwati became a widow (in Javanese language Rondo).  Since then, Coban, Anjarwati's residence, waited for her husband to be known as Coban Rondo. It is said that the large rock under the waterfall is the seat of the princess.

Another enjoyable spot near the waterfalls the so-called Labyrinth Park, a new garden park featuring a labyrinth of fancy plants comparable to a Hedge maze in Spain. Every visitor can come in and explore every corner of the garden, find its scepter and get confused while out.  One of the best spots to take a panoramic shot this stunning garden is to swarm up to a view deck.


The Closest Airport going to Coban Rondo Waterfall is the Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport in Malang with a regular schedule of local flights from Jakarta and Denpasar. At the airport, you can easily book a cab in the arrival area. Taxi fare will be paid in the counter upon booking depends on the distance while using a Grab App will help you travel easily when going around the City. 

If you're a tourist from outside the City, Malang is also accessible by train from Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Semarang, and Surabaya with a selection of sits from economy to executive class.   

From Malang City,
For those using public transportation and backpackers, hire a taxi or Book using Grab App going to Arjosari Terminal Malang then take for a Bus bound for Landunsari. At Landungsari, take another Bus ride going to Pujon (Kediri route) then Get off to the Patung Sapi (Cow statue) crossing. From there, take a scooter ride or you can take the Ojek (local transport application) going to the Coban Rondo Waterfall.         

If you're using a private vehicle and backpackers, you can drive directly to the City of  Batu. then follow the signs going to Pujon intersection. This road was also used by Public Utility Buses passing the Malang-Kediri route and Vice Versa. Then, look for the Junction with a Cow statue. From there, you can easily follow all signage heading Coban Rondo waterfalls.

At the Coban Rondo Tourism Gate, every visitors are compulsory to pay the entrance fee and Parking fee which is affordable and cheap. Local tourists will be charged to 15,000 rupiahs (US$1) for weekdays and 25,000 rupiahs (US$ 1.80) during the weekend while foreign tourists will be charged at 30,000 rupiahs (US$2) regardless of days. 

The Parking fee is ranging 2,000 ($.20)  to 6,000 ($.50) rupiahs which will charge according to your vehicle. Aside from the entrance fee and parking ticket, there are other fees to be paid separately if you wish to enjoy other facilities inside the Park.       

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