Interesting Things to DO in Wonogiri Regency, Indonesia

Wonogiri Regency has located on the southern side of the Central Java Province in Indonesia with the neighboring city of Solo on the South, Karanganyar in the north, Ponorogo, and; Magetan, Pacitan in the Eastside and the coastal area fronting the Indian Ocean. Wonogiri is very famous for watershed and tourist attractions that slowly discernible by the locals. Wonogiri Regency is beginning to recognize by the outside tourists for its less crowded but beautiful beaches and very close to Pacitan Regency, a well-known spot for Surfing and the City with 1,000 caves. Here are the top things to do and places to visit in Wonogiri Regency;

The beautiful landscape of Wonogiri’s Beaches

At first glance, you would not think that Wonogiri is not loaded with beautiful beaches; or maybe almost of it was hiding, Wonogiri is also close to Pacitan Regency which is very famous when it comes to surfing destination. But wait, Wonogiri has that kind of beaches also but remains untouched and few locals have the access to take here.  

Those beautiful beaches are located  Paranggupito Sub-district; about 60 kilometers at far from  Wonogiri downtown. the coastline has the long stretch of white sand loaded with the coral rocky hilly background and eye-catching waves. Those beaches still considered as the less-visited beach in Province but have a huge potential when it comes to tourism.
  • Nampu Beach is arguably beautiful by its kind, featuring the white sand coastline and the picturesque background of the rock formation that can be perfect for Instagram post. With its natural development, you can still enjoy the fresh air and full relaxation in this place. Nampu beach is located in Paranggupito Sub-district; accessible by Bus or private vehicles. The Entrance fee is less than US$1 (Rp.2, 000) but no accommodations available in the area.
  • Not far, another locally famous attraction called Banyutowo Beach. Located in Gudangharojo village in Paranggupito District, Banyutowo is known for its beautiful coral stones coast and hilly rock formation with an underground river that flows during the wet season but dried up during summer. This beach can be accessed by a scooter from the entrance while a short walk going to the coast. However,  it is not advisable for any regular water activities due to massive current but a good spot for an overlooking view with an elevated rocky coastline.    

  • Sembukan Beach, however, is the most visited among the three beaches which famous for its beautiful appearance scenery from the long stretch of the white sand to the panoramic views of the surroundings. Several historic events like Larung ceremony and Wayang Fest held in these beaches to celebrate and give thanks to God. There is numerous house living around the beaches here fishing is their main source of livelihood. Once you get here, you can enjoy some fresh kinds of seafood and seaweeds by purchasing their harvest. This beach is the best place to catch waves, do water sport activities; a good place for tanning and relaxing. 

Explore the stunning Waterfalls

Aside from beaches, Wonogiri Regency is famous for waterfalls also. Maybe not so stunning like the waterfalls in Malang Regency but still considered as one of the beautiful waterfalls that can be found in  Province. There are more than 20 waterfalls around Wongiri Regency but most of those were considered untouched.

If you're a nature lover and adventurous person, then you may explore the Setren waterfall. It has 50 meters high with a water current in slight discharge during summer while the small pond can found in the slope where tourists can enjoy swimming. Located in Ngerapah Village, Setren in Slogohimo District became popular and a hotspot for the youngsters due to its beautiful by its appearance. In fact, a busy road would be experienced in most days and became the weekend getaway by local tourists.

Banyunibo Waterfall is another natural spot near the City located in Ngluwur Hamlet, Kepuhsari Village in Manyaran District; an estimated 30 kilometers ride from the City bordering Sukoharjo District and Gunung Kidul.  Famous for an alluring charm, this journey may be placed as one of your unforgettable experiences as some trails challenging ahead. But when you reach the falls, all sweat will vanish and you will be greeted with the towering rocks and cliffs displaying its exoticism.

Another Waterfall is located in the slope on the south of Mount Lawu called  Binangun Watu Jadah waterfalls. It has an impressive strength of cascading water flow from the series of waterfalls towards the unique rock formations down to the slope. Considering the distance from the City, Binangun Falls remains hidden and untouched, only a few locals know its existence. Going here is not easy; in fact, going the main falls is not yet passable by a scooter. From the CIty, you need to travel for more than two-hour drive going to the starting point in Girimulyo village of Jatipurno District.

The full shot of Banyunibo Waterfall from the other side of the falls 

Setren waterfall is considered as one of the most visited waterfalls in Wonogiri Regency

Visiting the World Karst Museum

World Karst Museum is considered at the largest in Southeast Asia located in Pracimantoro District; about 30 minutes ride from the City. This mountain-like museum displays several Karsts stone samples from around the World, history of Karst Phenomenon, preserved flora and faunas, and, a replica of the first human found in the Flores cave.  Founded in 2010, this museum helps future leaders, educators, and tourism to understand the culture of the Karst and how people must support for the conservation. Surrounded by the mountain, mosque, parks, and protected caves, this museum is a must place to visit in Wonogiri Regency.

an object of a prehistoric man discovered in the Liang Cave in Flores, Indonesia  

Explore the Putri Kecono Cave

Not far from the World Karst Museum is the Putri Kecono Cave, located in the Wonodadi Village, Pracimantoro district. It has an area of 1,000 meters distinct with unique forms of stalactite and stalagmite. Tourists can explore an amazing scenery along the way when penetrating inside of the cave. 

Experience Paragliding in Sedang Village

If you wish to experience some extreme activities in the Regency, then try the Paragliding at Bukit Gantole located in Sedang Village. This place is known for hang gliding and paragliding with two levels of altitude, 200 meters, and 400 meters. It looks interesting but makes sure you’re in high guts to challenge yourself until the finish line. National Paragliding events once held in here, in fact, this place is included in Wonderful Indonesia Tourism promotion.  


Spend time at the Gajah Mungkur reservoir

Gajah Munkur reservoir serves as the Agriculture backbone of the Wonogiri Regency. Located three kilometers from the city, this artificial reservoir lake was built in 1970 with a total of almost 9,000 hectares that would be beneficial for the Wonogiri and its neighboring Regencies. It was completed in 1978 for the water system which directly used in supplying waters for their farming activities. In recent years, Gajah Munkur became popular for local tourists and had a busy road during the weekend. This place has a Food Park, a recreation area, aquaculture, fish port, and fishing site.      


The Wayang Museum

Another interesting place to visit in Wonogiri Regency is the Wayang Museum located in Wuryantoro District. This museum is one of the several museums that can be found in Indonesia. This Museum preserved several valuable collections of wayang suket, wayang kulit, wayang golek and the like. It aims to preserve its deep connections in the culture and values of the Java community. This Museum also served as the learning site and reminding the youngsters about the culture they came from.   

Dlepih's Historic Kahyangan and the amazing Rice Fields

Kahyangan is a natural spot located in Dlepih Village of Tirtomoyo District; a less than two hours ride from the main City of Wonogiri. The weather is tropically cool surrounded by the greenery, floras, and faunas, large trees and the waterfall.  This place is one of the best alternatives for backpacking and spending time on long holidays. Kahyangan is also covered by myth and became the center of the Islamic Mataram Kingdom who takes control of the Java Island respected by the Nusantara Kingdom of Indonesia.

Wonogiri Regency’s economy depends on Agriculture where most of the communities working so hard and farming is the main source of their livelihood. Roaming at the mountainous village of Dlepih in Tirtomoyo District gives the bright sides of farming were the slope tilled by hand which looks like the ladder of rice fields. Although it was not vintage as the Banaue rice terraces in the Philippines; this still considered as one of the beautiful places that should be visited in the Wonogiri Regency.  


Trails at Bukid Jenombang

If you wish to witness the beautiful sunset in Wonogiri, then head to Baturento District; there is a hidden place called Bukit Jonambang located in a hilly Village of Watuagung. Going there is not easy as pie, although this place is just 3 kilometers away from the Baturetno Terminal, it has an elevated slope with rocky rough road approaching to the hilltop entrance. As experienced, it only passable by the scooter. The hilltop provides an overlooking view of the Regency and mountains on the backside while several locations installed in the park would be good for an instagramable shot. It has Cool-weather in the morning and afternoon. Bring food and drink as best to do here is to rest and eat while waiting for the moment of the day ends.



The closest Airport going to Wonogiri Regency is the Bandar Udara Internasional Adi Soemarmo (Adisumarmo International Airport) located in Kabupaten Boyolali, Central Java.  You can reach this airport from seven local cities with a non-stop flight; Jakarta, Denpasar, Banjarmasin, Bandung, Bandar Lampung, Makassar, and Surabaya.   
At Adisumarmo International Airport
Hire a taxi from the Airport going to Tirtonadi Bus station in Jl. A. Yani, Gilingan, Kec. Banjarsari, Surakarta. Taxi fare is fixed to 100,000 rupiahs (UD$7) which will be paid in the counter ahead of your trip. At the Tirtonadi Bus station, look for the Bus Lane bound for Pacitan City. Then, Get Off to Wonogiri Kota grand terminal, or you may ask the conductor about your first stop since there are several Bus Stops in the City. Wonogiri Regency is about 58 kilometers or less than two hours commuter ride from Tirtonadi Bus Station. Bus fare cost from 20,000 (US$2) - 40,000 (US$4) rupiah, can be pay at the roving conductor. 

If you wish to stay in Wonogiri, book a room ahead of time especially during the weekend. These are the recommended Hotel in the City center that can be book online.

  • Hotel Diafan (2 star) located in Jl. Ahmad Yani Salak No.172, Kerdukepik, Giripurwo, Kec. Wonogiri, Kabupaten Wonogiri, Jawa Tengah,  Contact 0273) 323007
  • Hotel Tifa (1 star) located in Jl. DR. Wahidin Sudirohusodo No. 17, Sanggrahan, Giripurwo, Kec. Wonogiri, Kabupaten Wonogiri, Jawa Tengah, Contact; (0273) 3201368
  • Puri Kayulman Joglo ( 2 stars) located in JL. Raya Wonogiri-Praci, Km. 7, Bendorejo Sendang, Wonogiri, Jajar, Sendang, Kec. Wonogiri, Kabupaten Wonogiri, Jawa Tengah, Contact: 0821-5308-5348       

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