Beaches in Tulungagung Regency, East java,

If you're looking for an alternative weekend getaway in the east part of  Java Island, then, try visiting the Tulungagung Regency. This Regency is located less than a 2-hours drive from the City of  Blitar which also famous with historical attractions. This Regency has numerous collections of beaches, beautiful mountains, cultural and historical sites.       

One weekend morning in the month of September when I decided to visit the Tulungagung Regency for the first time. Around 9 o'clock in the morning when this backpacking journey was begun by taking a Grab ride from my hotel going to Tulungagung passing the 30 kilometers paved with an approximate travel time of more than an hour for Rp 135, 000 (US$10) fare. Upon reaching the main district, my officemate who also local in this area fetch me at our meeting place then went ahead to the coastal district after the short discussions.

It was a cloudy day but was not a problem, this rare opportunity cannot be missed; taking advantage of exploring the beauty of the Tulungagung is a must important. A long way to go before reaching the coastline; while traveling, it is very noticeable the magnificent shapes of hills will be observed while the agricultural fields adding the spices. It is also noted that the trees will probably wither due to almost 10 months of unseasonal rainfall. 

Before the beach area on the left, is a mountain range that said to be a mining site of precious marble but time is limited so we decided to skip. Thereafter,  the heavy rain was pouring in but it was not the time for us to back out and this area is a bit closer to the beach area. There are many beaches around the Tanggung Gunung District district like Lumbung, Pacar Beach, Brumbun, Molang, and the famous Popoh beach but this journey is ended up to Pantai Gemang.   

The entrance fee is Rp10,000 rupiah (US$1) while the paid parking is available inside the beach area. There are choices of restaurants inside served local dishes and various kinds of seafood. Since, rain doesn't stop yet, deciding to be stock at the restaurant and get something to eat is the best of choice. Hot soup is best for a cold day so I ordered the Soto Ayam and wait for the rain to stop. 

When rains gradually weakened, I decided to have a walk at the bay area to breath fresh air and absurd the waves sound from the shore. The beach coast is very hectic when hundreds of tourists, the majority are locals, enjoying their time playing and chatting. It was enjoyable but not as expected because of the wet shoreline and the management is urged to have a strict waste disposal implementation in maintaining the beauty of the area. 

Activities at the beach area
Among the famous activities that you can enjoy in this Beach is the ATV, 4X4 Jeep and motor trail. Rental Fee for the is  Rp80,000 rupiah (US$8) per hour, you can stroll the long stretch of the coastline from end to end. The 4x4 Jepp Trail rental is obviously expensive which costs you to more or less Rp600,000 (US$43) rupiah per hour. 

Berto watersport offers different kinds of enjoyable water sports activities like Extreme Boat for Rp500,000 ($40), Banana Boat for Rp40,000  ($3) per person, Speed Boat for Rp80,000 ($6) per/hour, and snorkeling for Rp100,000 ($7) rupiah per person. 

The Biggest Water Reserviour in South East Asia
After an hour's rainy day at the beach, we decide to take another interesting spot near the area before taking the road back to Blitar City passing the hilly road going to Wonorejo Reservoir located in Pagerwojo district. This Dam is considered the biggest in South East Asia that can hold about 122 million meters cubic capacity producing electricity and the main source of drinking water in east Java. 

Wonorejo Dam also functions as flood control, as farming irrigation, and developed as one of the Ecotourism sites in Tulungagung. It has the camping site, canoe, helicopter lines, water sporting activities, and a Motocross circuit that can handle a big event and off roads. This place has installed a resting area and a small food vendor can be found in different corners.  

The nearest Airport going to Tulungangun Regency is the Bandar Udara Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport in Malang City with a regular flight schedule from Jakarta, Denpasar, and Balikpapan. From the airport,  book a taxi located beside the arrival area going to Malang Train Station. Book a train ticket online or at the station ticket counter going to Tulungagung station; the easiest way to get to Tulungagung is by train.

Going to the beach
As an experience, using a public utility vehicle in Indonesia when going around and outside the city is a bit difficult. It is suggested to hire a scooter, car or you can arrange a tour from your hotel.



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