Enjoying the beauty of Pantai Pangi and the alluring sunset of Pantai Tambakrejo in Blitar, Indonesia

Blitar city is located in the East Java province, noted as the home of Indonesia’s first president Sukarno and the active volcano named Keludat in the north area of the regency. Blitar has a tropical climate while the economy depends on the majority in Agriculture. One weekend in September when I visited the Blitar City for the second time and one of the things that missed during my visit is to explore some side of the Blitar coast. 

 Road to Pantai Pangi (Pantai Beach)
The next morning we left the city to explore the locally known and to be one of the beautiful beaches in Blitar Regency passing the hilly road going to Krajan, Tumpakkepuh in  Bakung district. This road is undergoing major rehabilitation, therefore, it requires extra caution. Once you reached the Krajan village, another challenging road (quite extreme) will take going to the Parking site which will leave your scooter as well as the helmet. The parking fee is Rp 3, 000 Rupiah (less than US$1) to be paid before leaving.

From the parking site, a short walk for about 3-5 minutes going down to the Beach entrance passing several stairs down towards a small river. At the Beach area, you will be greeted with its fine white sand while sensing the warm ocean breeze and hearing the beat of the waves. 

Several food establishments can be found in the beach area selling different kinds of snacks and ready to cook seafood. Aside from the alluring view of the beach, tourists can also hire a boat to the fishers village who provides services for those who like to go fishing or by boat ride.

This area is often used as a fishing ground by locals were just enjoyed sitting from the top of the coral rocks while waiting for some fish to catch up with their baits. Also, it is noteworthy that this beach is still not touristy, in fact, only a few locals tourists just in numbers while no foreigner is seen during this trip.

Ending the Day at Pantai Tambak 
Before getting hungry, another beach is waited to explore situated on the other side of the hilly roads.  This beach called Pantai Tambak is highly recommended by the locals that I met in Pantai Pangi. Besides being famous for many, they said that this beach is also one of the best places to sit and witness the sunset.

Around 1 o'clock in the afternoon when I reached the Pantai Beach; enough that my stomach feels empty and immediately grab some locally cooked food at the small market. Then grab some opportunity to take some shots while waiting for the orders to be served and of course, plates of seafood shall not be missed.

Because it's a weekend, it was assumed that lots of local tourists flocks to this beach and I was not mistaken; also favors the well-paved roads going to this place compared to Pantai Pangi. This beach features its white sand coast while the panoramic views of the ocean and coral hills served as a relaxing background. However, its ocean water may not be suitable for ordinary swimmers due to strong waves. If you wish to do so, then, you must have a strong determination to fight back with the strong water current.

A glimpse of the Blitar Sunset
Finally, the long-awaited hours will over to witness the dazzle of the Blitar sunset. At first glance, the sun is not very attractive, but it catches my attention when the sun gradually exits as it sinks into the mountainous area. An amazing experience that will never be forgotten in my biography here in Indonesia.     

The closest airport going to Blitar is in Malang City - Abdu Rachman Saleh Airport serving local flights from the big cities in Indonesia like Jakarta and Denpasar. At the Airport, book a taxi from the arrival counter bound for Malang Train Station for Rp75,000 rupiah (US$5.5). You can book a train ticket online or through the counter at the station going to Blitar. It takes more than an hour train ride going to Blitar Station. At Blitar Station, you can use an online transportation application like Grab or Gojek going to your first destination.

There is no places to stay Pantai Pangi and Tambakrejo which one of the disadvantages among travel goers unless you might suitable for a tent. If you wish to stay longer, the best way is to book a hotel in the Blitar city center. Hotel PPRI is one of the best options, offering affordable accommodation package for two. This hotel is near to the famous attractions you should visit in Blitar.


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