Pantai Serang in Blitar, Indonesia

Still can’t imagine how beautiful the Blitar beach has to offer for a beach seeker like me. With a challenging distance of the beach location; most of those situated in a secluded part far from the progressive city, hidden behind the mountains. During my second visit to this city, I decide to go after the beaches and we ended up in Pantai Pangi and Tambakrejo which I had experienced the alluring sunset of Blitar. 

But my journey does not end there, another opportunity gives its way to oversee the beauty of the other side of the Blitar coastline and landed to the Serang Beach.

One morning when we visit one of the nearby villages in the Panggurengrejo district. After several interviews, since they're happy to have a Filipino visitor, one of the villagers informed me about the nice place where we can have our lunch which is closer to 2-kilometers ride is a beach called Pantai Serang. This beach is famous for historical occasions and listed as a must-visit beach in Blitar Regency recommended by the local villagers, it feels like winning the lottery.

The team decided to head on to this beach since no other option to find something to eat and takes more an hour's drive returning to the city. Along the way, you will be greeted with several pine trees that provide refreshing air for travelers. We arrived quickly due to smooth road accessibility with a bit windy ride and sort of winding lanes on the hilly part.

Pantai Serang (Serang Beach) is unique among several beaches I had visited in the Blitar Regency; the coastline is invaded by hundred pine trees unlikely to germinate in the tropical weather. Located at Serang village in the Panggungrejo district, this beach is ideal for family outing with a relaxing environment.

The Serang Beach
At the entrance, each person will charge for an entry fee of Rp7,000 rupiah (US$.50) while the vehicle can be parked anywhere near the beachfront; paid parking is Rp7,000-10,000 rupiah (less than US$1). This beach is well-manned, provided that several establishments are in placed like food stalls, beachfront cottage, and paid toilets that can accommodate a huge flock of tourists.  Room accommodation would be difficult in this area but visitors can also enjoy the night stay by bringing a tent.

The Serang beachfront is surrounded by hundreds of Pinetrees that serve as shades for stalls and rest houses. Not far, we get closer to the small warung to order some food to eat. A combination of grilled seafood with plenty of rice was the perfect choices and of course, the fresh coconut juice will never miss for a drink.

While waiting for the food to be served, I decided to have a short walk around the beachside, take advantage to explore this secluded place. I'm very fortunate at this time, only a few tourists are chilling, no foreigner, maybe! expect me. Impressive beach; aside from its strong waves and wide space of beachfront, eye-catching clean surroundings is observed while the coastline is not much exploited, except, maybe during long holidays.

The Serang beach may not be too friendly for those who want to enjoy the seawater, but it has the potential for several watersport activities like surfing. But some locals say, there is a time that tourists can experience playing in seawater when it calm, mostly in the morning.  However, there are paid activities than you can enjoy like the ATV Ride and to make it easier for the tourists to explore the entire beachline.

Aside from being a great place to relax, meditate and relax, there are also many historical events happen in this Beach area like the celebration of an ancient ritual called Larung Sesaji.


You can reach Blitar within the two major airports in the province of East Java; the Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport in Malang Kota and the Juanda International Airport in Surabaya.
From Malang
Book a taxi going to Malang train Station located on the right beside the Malang Airport arrival area. Taxi fare is Rp75.000 (US$5.50). The train ticket can be acquired online or direct purchase at the Train station ticket counter. The train ride takes less than 2 hours train ride going to Blitar Station.   
From Surabaya
Book a flight going to Surabaya (Juanda International Airport). At Surabaya airport, catch up a metered Taxi located beside the arrival area going to Gubeng Train Station (Stasuin Gubeng). At the train station, purchase a train ticket at the counter. you can also purchase a train ticket in advance using an Online Booking App (check the schedule.  
To Pantai Serang
Hiring a scooter/car is the best option to reach the Serang Beach. If you're using the Grabe App, better to click the Car rent instead of per trip. Grab using regular ride fare can be used only when you're exploring the Blitar City.
Where to Stay In Malang
Malang is a progressive City with numerous hotels to stay in. In this visit, I stayed in Wisma PKRI which I considered as is one of the fine hotels for just Rp175.000 rupiah (US$13) per night. This homestay is also closer to several tourist attractions in Blitar. 


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